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The FIRST app built for self-managed event bands and performance ensembles

Automatically manage musician and crew schedules, communication and payouts (and yes, even set lists!)

Book gigs faster AND impress clients with auto inquiry follow-ups, contracts with eSign, and invoices with online payment options

It's a web app! You will have unlimited access on your desktop, phone or tablet, wherever you go!

This is hands down the best app I've found... It keeps gigs organized, tracks leads, reminds you of follow ups and tasks, auto-sends gig offers to musicians, and makes it very easy to create invoices and contracts to send to clients.

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How Back On Stage Works

It's like project management software but built to handle the 9 KEY BOOKING FUNDAMENTALS of pro event bands and performance ensembles

1. Collect & Close Leads

Stop missing out on opportunities just because that new inquiry got lost in your inbox!

  • Install the BOS contact form on your website

  • Prospects fill it out to receive your automatic follow-up RIGHT AWAY

  • Turn qualified leads into paid bookings in just a few clicks

2. Set Up Bookings Like a BOS With Our "Booking Creator"

Never forget ANY important detail again - there's a place for everything!

  • Fill out the event details just like creating events in your favourite calendar app

  • A place for all your essentials like attire, meals, parking, accommodations, even venue address lookup

  • Info here will automate the rest of your workflows like invoice/contract generation and musician booking

3. Generate an Invoice and Contract With Just a Click

Fix your signature and payments bottleneck with flawless auto-generated documents that your clients can sign and pay INSTANTLY

  • Info you entered in BOS generates your booking invoice & contract AUTOMATICALLY

  • Your client receives a link to their "Client Portal" where they can sign the contract digitally and make invoice payments

  • Get paid faster with PayPal integration that lets your clients pay INSTANTLY via credit card

4. Auto-Book Your Musicians And Crew

Tired of the back and forth trying to confirm all your musicians for gigs? This is the musician and crew scheduling system that manages itself.

  • Use your own call list templates to book members for each of your ensemble configurations

  • One-click automatic gig offer emails that repeat until accepted or declined

  • Members receive a clear, concise email with important gig details with just one click to accept

  • Relax while you monitor gig booking statuses in real time and know exactly when everyone is booked

5. Prepare & Share Smart Set Lists

Ditch Dropbox, Evernote and ugly paper set lists. The Smart Setlist is your virtual resource library that will help you finish building a show in seconds!

  • Your "Music Library" stores your song list and accompanying reference recordings, video links and PDF attachments

  • "Part Assignment" lets you choose which players can see which sheet music, and for vocalists to know which song they're singing

  • Just drag-and-drop to re-order your songs, attach the set list to a booking and go!

6. Keep Your Team On The Same Page With Next-Level Band Communication

Say goodbye to Slack, Trello and lengthy email threads. Give your band members the clarity they deserve while completely eliminating annoying last minute "Where's the gig?" text messages.

  • Members and crew have 24/7 access to non-sensitive details (like venue address, schedule attire etc) for all the gigs they're booked for

  • Keep all communication in context with an all-members group chat that is unique to EACH booking

  • Share files with your team members and even delegate booking tasks with a handy to-do list

7. Nurture Client Relationships Worthy of 5-Star Reviews

Say NO to costly CRMs that are full of sleazy sales features that your band is never going to need. Instead, use our tools to keep relationships moving forward like a pro.

  • Receive notifications whenever your client contacts you so you can follow up promptly

  • Make it easy for your client to provide event details with our handy client questionnaire

  • Instill buyer confidence with invoices and contracts that look professional and on-brand

8. Automate Musician Payouts and Financial Record Keeping

Do you really want to be wasting your time chasing your team for their gig invoices and burning cash on costly payroll or money transfer services? We hope not! Let's put it all on AUTO-PILOT.

  • Integrate with PayPal to auto-pay your musicians and crew right after the gig

  • Automatically generate a gig invoice for both you and your payee ANYTIME you make a payout

  • Track gig expenses in real time with an automatic profit and loss report detailing client payments and musician payouts

9. Promote Your Shows and Build Hype

Remember when you used to have to update your band website and all your social accounts manually? (What?! You're still doing that?)

  • Schedule social posts right from inside a booking, so you never forget to post at just the right time

  • Install BOS show widget on your website so your public shows list is always up to date

  • Create guest list for each show and print a tidy list for your door person

Indispensable for Bandleaders and Production Companies! ...The time I have saved using this system can not be overstated.