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The Days of Manually Managing Your Band with Spreadsheets Are Long Gone

Smart bandleaders evolve and adapt to their new business landscapes with features we offer in BOS. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you NEED to:

  1. Implement an organized yet simple business workflow
  2. Communicate with musicians and clients effectively
  3. Use software automations to work faster, not harder

Here's What You'll Get Inside BOS:

  • ✓  Auto-Book Band Members
  • ✓  Create & Share Gig Details
  • ✓  Share & Manage Gig Files
  • ✓  Auto-Pay Musicians & Crew
  • ✓  Auto Generate Musician Invoices
  • ✓  Track Income/Expenses Per Gig
  • ✓  Contract/Invoice Client Portal
  • ✓  Lead Capture and Auto Follow Up
  • ✓  Google Calendar Integration
  • ✓  Internal Group Chat
  • ✓  Track Email Threads
  • ✓  Share Smart Setlists
  •     And a Lot More!


Get Ready to Scale Your Music Business and Love Every Second of It!

Try BOS For Free

30-Day Free Trial Included

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Your Subscription Includes:

  •  Unlimited Members
  •  Unlimited Admins
  •  Unlimited File Storage
  •  Unlimited Companies
  •  Unlimited Bookings
  •  Basically...no limits!

Amazing Features

Designed to get you out of the office, and get Back On Stage

Booking System tailored to your band and the event industry

One-Click Setup of performance contracts and invoices

Quick-Start built-in contract and invoice templates

Auto Payment and Auto Generated musician invoices

Follow Up with prospects and clients automatically

One-Click musician and crew booking and communication

Store & Organize all your songs, mp3’s and PDFs

Build Smart Set Lists for easy sheet music sharing

Built-in client email organization and functionality

No More Babysitting - Musicians and crew can access their gig details 24/7, from any device

Did You Know?

3-4 hr

Time most bandleaders spend booking a SINGLE gig

10-20 min

Time YOU will spend to do the same using Back On Stage

1 gig per month

All you need for BOS to make sense for your business

Switching over to BOS is a piece of cake!

Got file? Moving all your files and spreadsheets from your old management system to the new and better one can be a daunting task, so we're here to help you migrate your current bookings, song list and data into your BOS account so you can hit the ground running!

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