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Are you a musician or a bandleader who wants to gig more and stress less? Do you want to learn how to automate and streamline the tasks of live music booking and management? Do you want to discover new tools and resources that can help you grow your music business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you don't want to miss our regular live stream series, Back On Stage Live!

Back On Stage Live is a free online event where we connect with our existing clients (leaders, musicians, DJs and other live music pros) and anyone else who is interested in growing their live music business with our app, Back On Stage.

In each session, we'll explore innovative strategies to boost your live music performances and income. We'll also highlight nifty tools within Back On Stage that can aid in achieving these goals. Discover how to fully utilize our app and enhance your efficiency and profitability as a bandleader or musician.

You will also get a chance to interact with us and ask us any questions you have about our app or our series. Plus, you will get to see a brief showcase of one of our Back On Stage partners, a like-minded company that offers beneficial services or products for you and your music project. You may even get a special offer from them!

Our series is presented in partnership with UrsaLive, a platform that helps you stream your live music events to your fans and monetize them.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn, network, and grow your music business with Back On Stage Live!

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June 11, 11:00AM PST

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Event Highlights

The topic of the next session is: we're featuring a special guest with one of our partners, Cartne's Vinny Ribas who has over six decades of diverse experience in the music world!  Some of Cartne’s offerings are:
  • Industry Knowledge: Avoid common pitfalls by understanding how the music industry works
  • Professional Guidance: Benefit from expert advice to make informed decisions
  • Membership Resources: Utilize free and 'PRO' membership tools and community support
  • Advanced Learning: Access extensive video content and learning features
  • Scam Protection: Identify and avoid scams to protect your career


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Finally, you can stop chasing your bandmates for availability and never forget who you booked for each gig.

Call List Templates

Set up your list of musicians for each band configuration you offer, then set who gets the call first, second and so on.

Clear Gig Offers

Each gig offer email contains all the important gig details. Never type a lengthy offer again.

Set And Forget

Click the Auto-Book button and go to sleep. When you wake up, you'll have a band member booked to play each instrument on your next gig.

Response Tracking

Stop worrying about manually plugging everyone’s availability into your clunky spreadsheets. See your full list of musicians and who has accepted or rejected your gig offer.

Join over 5,000 musicians and bands who run their business in Back On Stage

Putting your musician scheduling on auto-pilot is just the beginning. Back On Stage will streamline the back-end of your music business, including schedules, setlists, communication, contacts, and more.

What our clients say...

We help 5,000+ bands and musicians for hire from North America to the UK, Australia and beyond, to stay organized and book more gigs every month.

Jessie P

Owner, Jacksonville Strings, Fl

“A game changer for my music biz. No other app that I have found caters specifically to the needs of a music business, and I love that the creators are also musicians and know from experience what makes our lives easier and our businesses better.”

Michael V

Vantastic Sound LLC, San Diego CA

"Indispensable for Bandleaders and Production Companies!...The time I have saved using this system can not be overstated. Use this and the only question you will have is what to do with all the extra free time you gain :) Highly recommended!"

Don W

Booking Manager, Powder Springs GA

"The BOS team took the time to walk me through the system and things have been AWESOME! Our customers have been impressed but not only our response time but our ability to follow up on things. BOS has been a game changer for my team...I wish I would have found it sooner."

Nikki G

Talent Manager, Liquid Blue Band, San Diego CA

"This is hands down the best app I've found... It keeps gigs organized, tracks leads, reminds you of follow ups and tasks, auto-sends gig offers to musicians, and makes it very easy to create invoices and contracts to send to clients."

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Best for solo artists, solo DJs and musicians
Best for solo artists, solo DJs and musicians
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Best for bands, music groups, DJ companies, choirs and orchestras

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered a few questions here, but hit the chat button to connect with us if you've got more!

  • What are Booked Roles?

    A role is any instrument or job position in your music company or band. For example, in a 5-piece rock band, the Roles you may have could include 'Vocalist', 'Bass', 'Drums', 'Guitar' and 'Keyboard'. When you create bookings, you'll need people on your team to fulfill these roles, so you'll need to book them.

    With Back On Stage, you can automate this using our Auto-Book or Shotgun booking methods. Our robots send gig offers and reminders to your team, and track all the responses for you, saving you lots of time and stress. You just set up your preferred call list for each role and leave the rest to us.

    Booked Roles are consumed only when our robots successfully book someone for a role. We deliver results, or you don't pay! Note that you can also book roles manually by simply adding roles to bookings and selecting a musician. This does not use your booked roles credits.

  • Why am I billed based on booked roles?

    We want to help you grow your music business and provide the means to measure your success! Arbitrary factors like your company's amount of members, songs, contacts, or bookings may not reflect an accurate picture of the success of your music business.

    The true indicator of growth is how many members you can regularly book onto your gigs - Booked Roles.

    The more members you book, the harder our Auto-Book System works for you, saving you valuable time and money.

  • How many Booked Roles do I need?

    It depends.

    Booked Roles are counted in the month the role is booked (not the month of the actual booking). For example, if Dave accepted your gig offer on August 15th for a gig in August, it will count toward your Booked Roles Credits for August. If you sent Dave the gig offer in March and he accepted it then, it would count toward your Booked Roles Credits for March.

    On a monthly subscription, your Booked Roles Credits reset every month. On an annual plan, your credits last the entire year. This means that if you have a seasonal business with concentrated hiring, an annual plan provides more value. If your role bookings are consistent throughout the year, a monthly plan may suit you.

    To calculate how many Booked Roles you need per month:

    (Number of gigs per month) X (Number of musicians per gig) = Booked Roles

    If you're unsure, you can start on our basic "Leader" plan and see how it goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered a few questions here, but hit the chat button to connect with us if you've got more!

  • What is auto-book and how does it work?

    Auto-Book is your BOS super weapon. It is your digital assistant that will contact all your musicians and crew to book them for gigs.

    Auto-Book will continuously send gig offers to your musicians and crew until it gets an answer (they accept or decline). If a member declines your gig, Auto-Book moves on to the next member in line. You can specify the order in which the system contacts each crew member by reordering the members in each role’s call order.

    You can also adjust the frequency at which gig offers will be sent and the offer expiry time inside the “Auto-Book Settings” section at the bottom of this page.

    What is a gig offer? It is an email with all the important gig details that includes a link for the recipient to follow in order to respond.

  • A gig offer is an email that you (or BOS) send to your musicians in order to confirm their availability and book them for a gig. It contains all important gig details, (like time, date, location, pay and so on) as well as a link to respond. Musicians must click on the link and login to Back On Stage in order to accept or decline a gig offer.

  • When you send out gig offers, you can set the expiry time. Once an offer expries, that musician can no longer take the gig.

  • Nope. There is an option to book band members manually - so if you know who you want, just add them to the booking.

  • You bet! We are so confident that you'll love Back On Stage that we have a 90-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide the BOS is not a great fit for you, just let us know within 90 days of your free trial ending and we'll refund all your subscription payments. How's that for great service!