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The Phonix began its journey as a dynamic 9-piece event band based in Vancouver, BC. Over the decade that followed our inception, we evolved into a comprehensive event services company, expanding our offerings to include production and lighting services, DJs, music ensembles of various sizes and styles, as well as photobooths and other event services. Throughout this growth, we encountered the challenges of managing the intricate web of moving parts in our day-to-day operations.

The Birth of Back On Stage

Our expansion brought new complexities to managing bookings, client communication, billing, and the coordination of our talented team. These challenges sparked the impetus for Back On Stage. As bandleaders ourselves, we understood the crucial need for a centralized solution that could streamline these essential aspects of our business.

Back On Stage and the Phonix Timeline

Addressing the Pain Points

At the core of our journey was the realization that effective client communication, seamless billing processes, and efficient team management were essential for our success. The existing systems and tools available fell short, leaving us frustrated and drained. We knew there had to be a better way.

The Vision Unveiled

Driven by a passion for music and a desire to empower fellow musicians and event professionals, we set out to develop Back On Stage. Our vision was clear: to create an all-in-one platform that would revolutionize the way bands and event businesses managed their bookings and operations. We aimed to provide a comprehensive solution that addressed the pain points we had encountered firsthand.

best band app back on stage

Transforming the Industry

Back On Stage is a game-changing web-based productivity app designed to streamline the complexities of band and event management. With powerful features encompassing client communication, contract management, CRM, billing, team coordination, and setlist creation, it offers an unparalleled solution for musicians and event professionals.

Back On stage software features for live music businesses

Unlocking Efficiency and Growth

By harnessing the power of automation and advanced tools, Back On Stage empowers users to save countless hours on administrative tasks. With intuitive features and seamless workflows, it simplifies client interactions, expedites billing processes, and enables effective team collaboration. The app acts as a virtual assistant, ensuring every aspect of your booking management is organized and efficient.

Join the Back On Stage Community

Our passion for providing musicians and event professionals with the tools they need to thrive fuels our ongoing development. Back On Stage is continually evolving, driven by our commitment to transforming the industry and helping others achieve their goals.

Experience the power of Back On Stage for yourself. Explore our comprehensive features and embark on a new era of efficiency and growth. Join us on this remarkable journey as we redefine band and event management, one booking at a time.


 creators of the back on stage app reuben and eric

Co-founders, Eric Tsang (Left) and Reuben Avery (Right)


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Meet the Team

These are the brains behind the Back on Stage App
Reuben avery, creator of the best app for bands
Reuben Avery
Eric Tsang - marketing director, best app for bands - Back On Stage
Eric P.Tsang
Marketing Director
Sutasit Srivisarvacha - UI/UX designer for the best app for bands, Back On Stage
Sutasit Srivisarvacha
UI/UX Designer