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Over 100 top live music companies trust us to make their lives easier!

The dance between multiple file sharing apps ends here.

Attach recordings and sheet music to setlists. Store other files (e.g., contracts, invoices, reservations, riders, load-in details) directly inside bookings for easy access.

  • 01 Automatic Access Control

    Different permission levels for admins and musicians ensure everyone involved in any booking can access whatever they need and not what they don’t.

  • Store reference recordings, PDFs, email attachments, riders, travel/flight details, and more with unlimited storage included in every plan

  • Files are stored within the corresponding bookings or set lists for easy access, eliminating the need for searching through confusing folder structure with obscure filenames.

Back On Stage is the only app that distributes sheet music to each musician and couples recordings with your song catalogue

Stop wasting your time and money in a desperate effort to manually keep your Dropbox, Google Drive, spreadsheets and song notes in sync. There's a better (and cheaper) way to keep your set lists in check:

Avg time to prepare 1 set list 60 min
Avg time to prepare 50 set lists (just 1 gig per week) 50 hrs
Time to prepare 50 set lists with BOS (5 min per set)4h 10m


Our tools help your business look professional and make clients feel confident working with you. And when you give your team the right tools, they'll be happier and get more done – which means more gigs and money for everyone.


Hate your inbox? Us too. So, we scrapped it altogether. Send and receive emails directly inside booking files so that lost emails and manual filing are things of the past.


Effortlessly manage client relationships from inquiry to booking - all in one place. Exceed expectations by executing on every detail so that 5-star reviews are your new norm.


Easily generate custom contracts for each gig using tokens that automatically fill in important details such as event details and payment terms, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.


Our solution simplifies your music business by integrating client invoices with your bookings and gig calendar. Easily create, track, and collect payments without getting lost in complex accounting software.

Team Communication

Efficient communication starts with context. By posting messages directly inside bookings or boards, everyone knows what each message is about and no message is ever lost.

File Sharing

Attach recordings and sheet music to setlists. Store other files (e.g., contracts, invoices, reservations, riders, load-in details) directly inside bookings for easy access.

Shared Calendar

Replace calendar invites with gig offers and an auto-book bot that obeys your call order preferences and fills your band roster fast. Members only see gigs they’re booked for.

Set Lists

Leave your folder at home. Keep your team on the same page and share PDFs, MP3s, keys, tempos, videos, notes and more, all in one place.

Task Management

Organize folders of tasks cleanly within bookings. Each team member will only see tasks assigned to or created by them, so everyone can stay focused and clutter-free.


Pay on time, every time. Payout reports and reminders help you track who has been paid and who hasn’t. You can even export reports for taxes.

Join over 5,000 musicians and bands who run their business in Back On Stage

Make sure your team stays organized and efficient by attaching recordings, sheet music, contracts, invoices, and more directly to your bookings in Back On Stage. Keep everything in one place for easy access and streamlined communication. Sign up for our free trial today to see how we can help you manage your music business.

What our clients say...

We help 5,000+ bands and musicians for hire from North America to the UK, Australia and beyond, to stay organized and book more gigs every month.

Jessie P

Owner, Jacksonville Strings, Fl

“A game changer for my music biz. No other app that I have found caters specifically to the needs of a music business, and I love that the creators are also musicians and know from experience what makes our lives easier and our businesses better.”

Michael V

Vantastic Sound LLC, San Diego CA

"Indispensable for Bandleaders and Production Companies!...The time I have saved using this system can not be overstated. Use this and the only question you will have is what to do with all the extra free time you gain :) Highly recommended!"

Don W

Booking Manager, Powder Springs GA

"The BOS team took the time to walk me through the system and things have been AWESOME! Our customers have been impressed but not only our response time but our ability to follow up on things. BOS has been a game changer for my team...I wish I would have found it sooner."

Nikki G

Talent Manager, Liquid Blue Band, San Diego CA

"This is hands down the best app I've found... It keeps gigs organized, tracks leads, reminds you of follow ups and tasks, auto-sends gig offers to musicians, and makes it very easy to create invoices and contracts to send to clients."

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered a few questions here, but hit the chat button to connect with us if you've got more!

  • Is there a limit to how many songs I can upload?

    Nope. You can upload as many songs as you need to your music library.

  • Back On Stage is a web app, meaning there is nothing to download and you won't find us in the app store. You can access our app on any device with an internet connection. We recommend saving our app to your home screen on your mobile device for easy access.

  • Because Back On Stage is a web app, an internet connection is required to access set lists and sheet music. If your gig is in a place where the is no internet, we recommend using the "Download All PDF" function inside Performance Mode to download all the PDFs you need and store them locally on your device before you head to the gig.

  • Yes. We offer chat and email support for your entire team, available from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri PST.

  • You bet! We are so confident that you'll love Back On Stage that we have a 90-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide the BOS is not a great fit for you, just let us know within 90 days of your free trial ending and we'll refund all your subscription payments. How's that for great service!