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Your All-In-One Band Software Comes With

8 Customer Care and 11 Band Management tools to automate and streamline EVERYTHING!

All-In-One Band Software | Back On Stage
  • Automate Routine Processes

    Automated Tool Suite for bandleaders where contracts, and invoices build themselves.

  • Offer The Best Client Care

    Automatic responses for enquiries, quotes, contract, invoices and payment processing.

  • Improved Productivity

    Interactive learning and live gig tools significantly reduce confusion and learning time for new musicians.

  • Grow Your Business

    80% less band admin time means more time focusing on new gigs, bands, and ideas.

Automated Band Software for Better Productivity and More Gigs

All-In-One, time-saving, and powerful technologies designed specifically for bandleaders and musicians. Automatic features include client care, accounting, wrangling musicians, and interactive set lists.

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Are You Using Too Many Apps?

Most other band and music artist management apps can only handle one or two things. There's an app to wrangle your musicians, but then you need another to actually pay them. You make your contracts with an app, yet use another to handle your invoices. There’s an app for arranging your setlists, but again, you need another to store all your sheet music. You get the idea...

It’s frustrating, inefficient and expensive to maintain all these different apps and spend all your resources in so many different places!

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Why is Back On Stage the Best App For Bands?

Back On Stage app puts all of your band resources in one place. Musicians, clients, money, communication, set lists and so much more. Finally, you can stop pulling your hair out while trying to keep up with your band’s constantly evolving needs.

Back On Stage is a web-based band management software that saves 80% of your administrative time by organizing and automating all of your routine tasks. Imagine how much more you could accomplish when 10 regular admin hours now only takes you 1-2! We wouldn't call this the best app for bands if we weren't serious.

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"No other band management app even comes close to the features we've got!"

BOS Software

A GOOD Band Management App Will Help You:

Save Time

Automation throughout the suite of tools provides a smooth and seamless workflow.

Increase Revenue

Working with a simpler process, better communications, and coordination mean MORE GIG.


Manage all your bands and clients from any mobile device with ONE highly innovative software.

Avoid Headaches

The automated CRM and Bandleader Tools will save up to 80% of your organizational burden. With all the free time you get back, you can get back to doing what you love.

Expand Your Business Capacity

 Book 5 gigs in the time it takes you to book 1 currently! Or free up time to increase marketing, manage other bands, or... start a new one.

Advanced Toolbox for Musicians

Keep your musicians on the same page with interactive "Smart Setlists", a calendar, group chat, shared files and a task manager. Musicians can even get paid automatically!!

Created By Musicians

We’ve been running our own 9-piece wedding and event band since 2009. Over an 8-month period, we carefully tracked and measured all our administrative tasks. With that data, we identified 5 key areas of band management that we needed to speed up and automate in order to keep our sanity and continue enjoying our music careers.

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Created For Musicians

The best app for bands was built around those findings. Our goal with this app is to help event bands optimize their capacity, generate more revenue, and improve professionalism, using a single organizational application. 

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Created with YOU in Mind

We like helping our people and we LOVE helping our fellow musicians. So we hope you find our blog useful and most importantly, we hope you’ll trust us to provide you with the best band management software ever.

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Get the Plan that is Right for You

The Back On Stage App is the cheapest and most powerful office assistant you will ever hire!

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How much MONEY will you SAVE by using BOS

Let's do a very simple math question:

Time you spent in office

In general, a bandleader spends 3.32 hours doing mundane office admin tasks to get their band ready for a gig. This includes communicating with client, drafting invoice & contract, wrangling musicians, paying musicians. Event bands generally perform roughly 50 gigs a year.

That's 160 hours of just sitting in the office!

Your Office hours

Your time IS money

You could do all those office work yourself. but remember, your time is expensive! You could hire an office assistant to do the menial office work, but that's going to cost you.

Let's say you pay someone (or yourself) less than minimum wage of $10/hr to do the office work...

Save on office hours by using BOS

That's why we created BOS

By getting the Back On Stage App to do all the office admin tasks for you, we could save you at least $1,600 worth of pain AND give you back all your well-deserved free time! 

What would you do with an extra $1,600 in your pocket and extra 160 hours of free time?

Save $1600 on office expenses by using BOS

SAVE Another $269 by Becoming a Beta-Tester TODAY!!

For ONLY $50 you will get a risk-free, one-year trial of BOS. Become a Beta-Tester for the most revolutionary band management app in the market and help shape the future of the music industry!

You really CAN'T say no to a software that is going to give you back your free time AND save you a ton of money AND help you make a lot more!!

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