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CRM, billing, contracts, team communication, shared calendar, set lists and payroll - it's all here. We give live music providers the the tools to monetize their performances in minutes.

Everything you need to grow a live music business...

Live music performances strengthen our communities, but the people behind them often struggle to make a good financial return because they’re forced to do their back-office work with a handful of ill-suited apps that slow down booking time, resulting in lost opportunities and revenue.

Back On Stage is a live music booking and management software that streamlines and automates all of these admin tasks to increase gig capacity and revenue growth.

We've helped thousands of bands and musicians to run better music businesses, and after running one ourselves for over 14 years, we know how hard it can be.

With Back On Stage, everything is in one place and our unique features decrease average booking time from 3 hours to as little as 15 minutes - imagine the growth potential for your music business with that kind of a productivity boost!

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Stress Less & Gig More

Can you relate to these bandleaders and musicians who were juggling too many apps?

Easy access from anywhere

Don't want to be in front of your computer all the time? Any device with an internet connection can access our web app anytime, and from anywhere.

Back On Stage band management software

Client Care

Client relationships matter. Our client care tools provide your business with a professional appearance and instill confidence in your clients to work with you.


Hate your inbox? Us too. So, we scrapped it altogether. Send and receive emails directly inside booking files so that lost emails and manual filing are things of the past.


"Finally, a application that goes beyond the typical data management or CRM type program. Highly recommend!"

Michael V.
Owner, Vantastic Sound

Inquiry Auto-Replies

Can’t keep up with new inquiries? Auto reply to new leads with custom messages so that you can close more deals with less work.

Email Transparency

Tired of forwarding, BCC, and CC? Email transparency lets admins view any email conversation without needing to be “looped in”.

No Messy Inbox or Spam

Our bot files booking emails for you and unique reply-to addresses eliminate spam, so you can focus on emails that matter.


Effortlessly manage client relationships from inquiry to booking - all in one place. Exceed expectations by executing on every detail so that 5-star reviews are your new norm.


"Our customers have been impressed by not only our response time but our ability to follow up on things. BOS has been a game changer for my team...I wish I would have found it sooner"

Don W.
Campfiremusic LLC

Lead Forms & Questionnaires

Share the link or embed your form to capture leads from anywhere. Send questionnaires to efficiently collect gig details that update your entire team in real-time.

Client Portal

Each booking’s invoice, contract and communications live inside a secure client portal where your client can conveniently review documents to sign and pay.

Alerts and Reminders

SMS and email alerts for important updates and reminders, so that you’ll know the minute someone pays you, sends an email or signs their contract.


Easily generate custom contracts for each gig using tokens that automatically fill in important details such as event details and payment terms, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.


"It keeps gigs organized, tracks leads, reminds you of follow ups and tasks, auto-sends gig offers to musicians, and makes it very easy to create invoices and contracts to send to clients."

Nikki G.
Talent Manager, Liquid Blue Party Band

Auto-Generate with Tokens

Your custom fields and existing booking information are auto-filled into placeholders (tokens) in your contract, allowing you to generate accurate contracts in seconds. 

Get Signatures Faster

Make life easy for your clients - they just click a link to see your contract and sign electronically from any device.

Unlimited Contract Templates

Get started with our band free performance contract, plus create as many of your own templates as you need.


Our solution simplifies your music business by integrating client invoices with your bookings and gig calendar. Easily create, track, and collect payments without getting lost in complex accounting software.


"Finally, a application that goes beyond the typical data management or CRM type program. Highly recommend!"

Michael V.
Owner, Vantastic Sound

Generate Invoices Automatically

Just add a booking to your calendar, then click a button to generate an invoice using all those gig details. Save time and reduce errors.

Get Paid Faster

Well-designed invoices increase your professional image and allow your clients to pay instantly using PayPal (fees apply).

Earn More with Tips

Tip at checkout lets your clients show their appreciation for a job well done. ?You’ll make extra cash without any more work!

Team Care & Management

Your team is your product. Reward them with the right tools and they'll be happier and more productive, which means more gigs and more revenue for everyone.

Team Communication

Efficient communication starts with context. By posting messages directly inside bookings or boards, everyone knows what each message is about and no message is ever lost.


"The communication between clients, musicians and myself has been excellent."

Dan F.
Owner, Foster Greene

SMS & Email Notifications

Update your team in real-time with customizable email or SMS notifications.

Band & Admin Chats

Use chat boards within bookings to maintain context. One board is for musicians, the other for admins. Sensitive information and gig updates can be restricted to authorized personnel only. 

Team Message Boards (Coming Soon!)

Easily broadcast internal messages to specific admins, musicians or groups. Great for one-off notices or group discussions alike.

File Sharing

Attach recordings and sheet music to setlists. Store other files (e.g., contracts, invoices, reservations, riders, load-in details) directly inside bookings for easy access.


"Finally, a application that goes beyond the typical data management or CRM type program. Highly recommend!"

Michael V.
Owner, Vantastic Sound

Automatic Access Control

Different permission levels for admins and musicians ensure everyone involved in any booking can access whatever they need and not what they don’t.

Unlimited Storage

Store reference recordings, PDFs, email attachments, riders, travel/flight details, and more with unlimited storage included in every plan.

Contextual Storage

Files are stored within the corresponding bookings or set lists for easy access, eliminating the need for searching through confusing folder structure with obscure filenames.

Shared Calendar

Replace calendar invites with gig offers and an auto-book bot that obeys your call order preferences and fills your band roster fast. Members only see gigs they’re booked for.


"The auto-book feature for scheduling musicians that is directly connected to the contract signed by the client makes date/time communication errors a thing of the past and is such a time/sanity saver."

Jessie P.
Owner, Jacksonville Strings, Fl.

Automatic Scheduling

Just select which instruments you need on the gig. Auto-book sends gig offers to your members until each role is filled.

One Source of Truth

Tired of those “where’s the gig?” texts? Give your musicians 24/7 access to all the most current gig details without breaking a sweat.

Selective Visibility

Your musicians will only see their booked gigs, reducing clutter and promoting efficiency within your company.

Set Lists

Leave your folder at home. Keep your team on the same page and share PDFs, MP3s, keys, tempos, videos, notes and more, all in one place.

Music Library

Store all your songs, MP3s, sheet music, notes and song info in one easy-to-use interface. Assign PDFs to individual roles so members only see the sheet music assigned to them.

Set List Builder

Drag and drop to reorder songs, add notes, assign vocalists, and calculate performance length. There’s never been an easier way to build a set.

Performance Mode

Each musician sees the same song list, but display filters let them customize their view. Sheet music is automatically distributed to the correct musician.

Task Management

Organize folders of tasks cleanly within bookings. Each team member will only see tasks assigned to or created by them, so everyone can stay focused and clutter-free.

Task List Templates

Create a task list for each booking and save it as a template. Recall the list with just one click on future bookings to complete the tasks without forgetting anything.

Relative Due Dates

Create tasks with due dates that adjust automatically based on the booking date. Always know when things should be due without even opening a calendar.

Assign & Delegate

Need to work with others? Assign tasks to them and you’ll both get notifications along the way to ensure everything is on track and delivered on time.


Pay on time, every time. Payout reports and reminders help you track who has been paid and who hasn’t. You can even export reports for taxes.


"My favorite feature from Back On Stage right now is Auto-Pay. It saves so much time. In just one click of a button, the payments go through and I don't even need to be home. My computer can be off and everybody's paid, and that's mindblowing right now."

Nikki G.
Talent Manager, Liquid Blue Band


Save time and money by using auto-pay to send PayPal payouts to your musicians after gigs. Only US $0.25 per payout.

Auto Invoices

As soon as you log a payout, musician invoices are generated automatically so you and the payee both have a clear paper trail.

Custom Payment Methods

If you prefer not to use PayPal, you can create custom labels to keep track of any off-platform payout transactions (such as Zelle, Cash App, etc.).

Support for you and your team

Our extensive knowledge-base is available 24/7. Free chat, email and phone support is available for you and your team 9-5 Mon-Fri PST.

Your data is secure

We use Amazon Web Services to host our fast and reliable web app with a 99.9% uptime and we protect you with SSL encryption for data in motion. Rest easy knowing that we store daily backups of your data in our encrypted databases for up to 6 months, plus we never ask for or store any sensitive information about you.