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best band management software

This is hands down the best app I've found... It keeps gigs organized, tracks leads, reminds you of follow ups and tasks, auto-sends gig offers to musicians, and makes it very easy to create invoices and contracts to send to clients.

Indispensable for Bandleaders and Production Companies! ...The time I have saved using this system can not be overstated.

All-In-One Band Management App

What if there's an easier way to manage your music business? Without spreadsheets, without musician "wrangling", without a business degree, without wasting time in the office?

Hey, Back On Stage is a user-friendly web app!

That means you can organizes your everyday band management within a single click whenever, and wherever, you have an internet connection and a web browser.

This app is the secret sauce to regaining your free time & make more money.

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Are You Using Too Many Apps?

You use an app to wrangle musicians, but then another to pay them. You make contracts with an app, yet use another to handle invoices. There’s an app for setlists, but again, another just to store all your sheet music. On top of that there's about a hundred spreadsheets to keep track of.

band management app

Better Productivity More Gigs

Automate EVERYTHING from a single screen! This includes client care, accounting, wrangling musicians, booking, finance, payment portal, and interactive setlists.

best app for bands

Made by Musicians for Musicians

All-In-One, time-saving, and revolutionary technologies designed by musicians specifically for bandleaders and musicians.

BOS Software

Seamless Integration

Back On Stage app puts all of your resources in one place to handle musicians, clients, money, communication, set lists and so much more. It will provide seamless integrations with your existing workflows and apps like PayPal, Hootsuite and Google Calendar.

band management app