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I used to spend 3 hours per gig on the front end. Since using Back On Stage, it takes me 15-30 minutes to get everything set and scheduled for a gig.

nikki green bandleader headshot

Nikki Green
Talent Manager, Liquid Blue Party Band

Funktastic Productions - Chicago's Best Wedding Band


Musicians value playing in my band more now that I've created trust and transparency.

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Mike Zabrin
Owner, Funktastic Productions

Vantastic Sound - San Deigo Production Company


Prior to this everything was so scattered. Now, everything I need is in one place and it's easy to use.

michael vangerov headshot

Michael Vangerov
Owner, Vantastic Sound LLC

"A game changer for my music biz."

Jessie Polanis review

Jessie Polanis (Owner & Director, Jacksonville Strings)

Back on Stage has been a game changer for my music biz. No other app that I have found caters specifically to the needs of a music business, and I love that the creators are also musicians and know from experience what makes our lives easier and our businesses better.

The auto-book feature for scheduling musicians that is directly connected to the contract signed by the client makes date/time communication errors a thing of the past and is such a time/sanity saver.

Reuben has been awesome with offering quick support when needed, work-arounds when necessary, and checking in directly with me to make sure we are getting everything we need out of the app. He has even created video walk-throughs specifically for me to make sure I could navigate functionalities that were new to me. I wish I had had this app years ago.

"Keeping track of the business issues can be overwhelming."

Dan Foster review

Dan Foster (Singer/Songwriter, Foster Greene Music)

My band has enjoyed some success but would like more bookings. We also need help keeping the bookings organized and making sure client expectations are exceeded.

Making music and performing is fun but keeping track of the business issues can be overwhelming. As we all know, there is a long list of potential problems that can prevent us from having a great performance and creating a happy customer.

  • Do I know all that I need to know about customer’s expectations?
  • Does the customer know about our expectations?
  • Do the musicians know all they need to know about the booking?
  • Have I done everything I need to do to get paid on time?

There are so many opportunities for failure and so many opportunities for worry. Ten pats on the back can be wiped out with one aw #@!%.

I needed help.

I did a Google search and found a dozen or so solutions that seemed worthwhile. I am retired now but used to own my own marketing company, so I felt like I knew what to look for. I then began a time-consuming process of eliminating those that didn’t quite fill the bill. I came down to three finalists that included Back On Stage.

So, I dug right in and signed up for trials on all three. As I learned more and more about the three finalists, there was a clear winner emerging.

Back On Stage seemed to connect all the dots. Each step of the booking process was logical and connected with shared information. There was very little opportunity for things to fall through the cracks. It was so much better I thought it must be much more expensive. No, it’s wasn’t.

They even have website Widgets and Landing Pages to help me drive new business.

Back On Stage was an easy decision, so I signed up and I am very happy with the application and very, very happy with the support I have received.

If you are a big band, a small band or even a solo artist, I highly recommend Back On Stage.