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You can get help with anything you need to do inside Back On Stage, right here. It is our goal to help you get out of the office and get Back On Stage!

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Browse By Tutorial

Learn how to delete, remove or deactivate members from your band or company inside Back On Stage.

Test & Troubleshoot Pay Integration

Setup and test your PayPal integration with Back On Stage.

Get the BOS App On Your Phone

Join Back On Stage As A Musician

Company Settings (For Bandleaders)


Booking Creator

Manage 15+ Important Gig Components All In Once Place with Booking Pages




Create A Leader Account

Subscribe to BOS Calendar

Choose A Plan

Set Up BOS For Your Company (Company Settings)

Import Bookings

Capture Leads and Convert Bookings

Create New Members, Roles & Services

Grant Musicians Admin Privileges

Create Services and Use Them For Contracts, Invoices and Hiring Musicians

Create a Booking (Booking Creator)

Book Musicians For A Gig (Auto-Book)

Take The Headache Out Of Paying Musicians After A Gig (Use Auto-Pay)

Use Client Portal to Receive Payments

Communicate With Clients And Musicians

Build and Share Smart Setlists (Repertoire Features)

Schedule Social Media Posts For Gigs (Scheduler)

Move a Booking

Cancel a Booking

Setup BOS as a Booking Agent


Overview of Features

Learning new software can be a massive undertaking. But don’t worry, we’ll be here every step of the way! 

In this overview section, you will get a glimpse of the basic user features and learn about the essential functions on each one of these workspaces. These are pages that you will be working with on a daily basis, so let’s look at what’s in store:

Essential How-To's

Back On Stage app is an all-In-one, time-saving, and powerful technology designed specifically for bandleaders and musicians. Automatic features such as client care, accounting, musician wrangling, and interactive smart setlists, will help you maximize your effort to reward ratio in managing your band.

Here in the BOS Academy we feel that it’s best to learn by doing and exploring. This band management software is designed to be intuitive in its use, but we’ve created many step-by-step tutorials here to guide you while using the most common functions.

Stress Less & Gig More

For musicians and music ensembles who want to streamline their live music booking process, Back On Stage is the all-in-one app that replaces tedious spreadsheets with a beautiful interface. All your gig details live in one place, and alerts and reminders keep everyone on track. With mobile access and real-time updates, our app provides unmatched convenience for bands on the go. Increase your gig capacity by 500% by saving 2+ hours of admin work per gig and spend more time doing what you love – making music.

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