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This article is for "Leader" account holders who want to remove members from any company they have created.

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How Can I Delete Members From My Company

Currently, it is not possible to 'Delete' active members from your companies.

An active member is someone with an active Back On Stage profile who received and accepted an invitation from you to join your company (band).

However, you can delete member invitations if the member has not yet accepted your invitation. To delete a user invitation, simply go to the Invite New Member Page of the company you wish to modify, then scroll down until you see "Invited Members List". Click the 'Actions' button next to the user you want to delete and select "Delete User".

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Why Can't I Delete Active Members From My Company?

Once a member has been activated (they 'accepted' your invitation) inside your company, all sorts of magical things happen. Administrators within your company can 'book' this member for various gigs. When they do, this member can post chat messages, share files within gigs and be assigned tasks. Even more important than that, this member can recieve payouts from your company for which BOS will generate invoices with this members information. These payouts are logged in your financial reports within various gigs.

Deleting a member would mean that all of the above items that were created for and attached to that member would also have to be deleted.

Imagine a situaion where a new administrator of your company accidently deletes a member and suddently all the records of payouts to that member and all their past invoices suddenly vanish. How would you file your taxes at the end of the year? All your income and expense reports for any gigs that involved that member would be all messed up. Not cool!

Since Back On Stage is partially a bookkeeping tool, we felt it necessary to follow good accounting practice (and help you avoid possible nasty accidents) by not allowing outright deletion of suppliers from your books.

Deactivate A User Instead

Maybe you've had a falling out with a particular band member. Or maybe one of your bandmates moved away and will no longer be participating in your music project?

Those are some great examples for when deactivating a user would be a great option.

The Back On Stage team is currently working on developing this feature.

Here's what's going to happen:

  1. You will be able to deactivate and reactivate users anytime.
  2. When deactivated, users will remain in the BOS system, but they will no longer have access to your company and your company information.
  3. Their past gigging and financial information will remain in your company's record, but they will be disconnected from your Roles and calling lists.


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