The Repertoire Features are going to change how you handle sheet music and setlists from now on.

If you run a music ensemble, chances are you have to consolidate a huge number of PDFs and MP3s in your music library, sort out parts for each instrument, and then organize them into a setlist for each gig. 

Musicians will need the same version of sheet music and MP3s to learn on, as well as performance notes to guide them throughout the show.

BOS Repertoire Features

The Repertoire Features are designed with one goal in mind: to make organization simple and easy for you and your musicians. With the click of a button, you and your musicians will be able to share Smart Setlists that automatically show the right part to the right musician.

For example, when your pianist opens a setlist, they will see piano parts, and when your guitar player opens their setlist, they will see guitar parts. And, of course, when your drummer clicks they link, they’ll see many cute animal photos...just kidding!

You will also be able to tell at a glance how many songs and files you currently have and how many minutes worth of music there are in your entire library or in any given setlist. You can also track your total file storage used - we don’t limit this per se, but if you go crazy uploading files, we may ask you to clean up your digital garbage a bit! 

In the BOS Academy we will learn about the versatility of the Repertoire Features and show you how to use it to save yourself countless hours of organizational work. 


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