How To Choose A Plan

You know the saying “Always a bridesmaid, never the bride”? So, you’ve been using Back On Stage as a musician for a while now, and you’ve decided that you’re ready to spread your wings and fly? We’ve got you covered! It’s easy to switch to a Bandleaders account from a Musicians account.

First, let’s take a look at the differences between the Musicians Account and the Bandleaders Account.

#1 - Musicians Account

If you're a Musician who wants to spend more time doing what you love, and less time in the office trying to find gig details, organizing setlists, chasing bandleaders for payment, or syncing up all your calendars, then you're in the right place. 

Essentially, this account lets you efficiently connect with your bandleaders who are using Back On Stage and receive important gig information and payment from them.

BOS Musicians Account view

#2 - Bandleaders Account

If you are a Bandleader or Project Manager, you will want to sign up for a "Bandleader" account. As the leader, you can manage all the aspects of your music project including inviting more members (musicians and staff) to your project and adding admins to your team too.

With a leader account, you can create as many companies (bands) as you like and invite as many members or admins to them as you like. It's just one small monthly fee to unleash your bandleader superpowers!

In a nutshell, a Musician's Account is limited to receiving payments and gig information. You cannot book gigs or organize your band with this account. 

On the other hand, a Bandleader Account lets you create your organization the way you want it and to disseminate information to all those who are working with you quickly and efficiently. It connects you with your musician and with your clients through emails, automation, and financial transactions.

It is the ultimate tool for any bandleaders who would like to take their music business to the next level.

BOS Bandleaders Account view

How to Upgrade to a Bandleaders Account?

We’ve made it easy for you to access the Subscription Portal all throughout your BOS experience. Using the Subscription Portal, you can upgrade to a Bandleader Account from a Musician Account, select a payment plan, and manage your payments. Here are 3 places that you can find the Subscription Portal:

#1 - Back On Stage Website 

The easiest way to access the subscription portal is to simply hover your mouse over the “Log In” options in the top menu on the BOS website, and click the link to the “Subscription Portal”.

BOS Subscription portal on website

#2- BOS App - Company List

Inside the Back On Stage App, if you click on the “Company List” which is located at the top menu displaying your current company, you will see a list of all the bands/companies you are associated with. They should say “(Musician)” next to each organization as you haven’t set up your own Bandleader Account yet. (That’s why we’re reading this article, right?)

Click “Add New” and you will see the button to the Subscription Portal. By the way, we believe that you should only pay for it if BOS can really make a difference in your life, so when you press the “Pay Now” button here, you will get a FREE 30-day trial that’s worth $29 right away.

Subscription portal on BOS app
upgrade to bandleader account pay button

#3 - BOS App - Profile Icon

Inside the BOS App, when you click the “Profile Icon” on the top left corner, you will see “Manage Subscription.” Click it and you will be taken to the Subscription Portal inside the Back On Stage Website.

BOS app manage subscription

Upgrading to Bandleader Account - Step by Step

Step 1 - Get a Subscription Portal Account

I hear you… WHY SO MANY ACCOUNTS?! Sorry, the BOS App and the Subscription Portal run on separate billing-only systems, therefore they need their individual accounts. Once you have created your BOS account, you will need to create a new account here to manage your subscription. 

PLEASE use the same user email and password for ease of remembering.

Subscription portal account

Step 2 - Sign in 

Great! Now that we have a Subscription Portal account, we just need to sign in. Once you’ve signed in you will see the Dashboard and information regarding any upcoming invoice payments.

Step 3 - Add Payment Method

When you sign up for a new Subscription Portal account you should’ve already entered your payment method, but if you haven’t had to opportunity to do that, you can fill that out inside the Subscription Portal.

Simply click the menu button on the top left corner and you’ll see the option to edit “Payment Methods”. Back On Stage will auto-process monthly/yearly payments using this information.

Step 4 - Select a Plan

We have the Monthly plan (29 CAD/month) and the Yearly plan (312 CAD/year). They are both auto deducted at the end of each anniversary date. You can find the payment plan in Menu under “Browse” and then “Browse Plan”. You can also click “Subscription” then “Browser Plan”

Press “add to cart” and then fill out the rest of the form and you’re on your way to managing your company like a BOS!

Browse BOS payment plan
Back on stage monthly plan or yearly plan

What’s Next?

Now that you’re a paid member of BOS you will enjoy unlimited access to the Back On Stage app wherever and whenever you want. This includes Auto-Book Musicians, Auto Contract & Invoice, Auto-Pay and Bookkeeping, Auto Lead Capture, Unlimited Bookings, Bands & Members, Unlimited Storage, Schedule Social Media Posts, Build Smart Setlists, 30-Minutes FREE Set-Up Call, and Input on Software Development!

If you have selected the Yearly plan, we will even write a featured article about your company on our website!

If you have any questions, please check out the BOS Academy. We’re constantly updating the detailed tutorials on the BOS Academy, you’ll be able to find a solution to any of your problems there. In the rare case that we’re not able to answer your questions at the academy, please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help resolve your issues.

The BOS Webinar

Hey **nudge, nudge** you might want to check out the Back On Stage Webinar. We’re sending you an invitation to this very informative online tutorial session as we speak. (Check your email!) I hear that we’re also giving away some free stuff at the end of the webinar.

Back on stage training webinar


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