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Individual Booking View

After you enter the basic information for each event, Back On Stage presents your new gig information in a beautiful and intuitive layout. This Individual Booking View page is accessible anytime by clicking on a specific date with a dot on the calendar, or by searching with specific keywords in the search bar.

Any information entered for a particular booking is visible instantly to any other admins or to and musicians that have been booked for that gig. Permission settings restrict musicians and staff from seeing certain sensitive information that only admins can see. 

Learn more about what permissions levels are available in Back on Stage.

The Individual Booking View is divided into three main sections.

  1. Booking Details (large section at the top)
  2. Additional Details (sidebar on the right, or underneath booking details on mobile)
  3. Tabs Section (tabbed section at the bottom) 


Inside the Booking Details section, you will find:

  1. Name, timing and location of the event
  2. Confirmation status
  3. Financial information (admins only)
  4. Client Contact information (admins only)
  5. Admin Notes (admins only)
  6. Services

You will be able to modify any information by pressing the “edit” button. This includes everything in the Services and Additional Details.

Services simply displays all the Services you have added for that event. You will also see links to your setlist here, if available. The Additional Details section provides you with more details like notes, attire, meals, backline and more, if any.


At the bottom of the page you will see the Tabs Section. We call it that simply because it’s the section with a whole lot of tabs. This is where you can stretch your behind-the-scenes band management muscles.

In this section, there are the four essential tabs that are going to change your life:

  1. Band Tab - is where you will get to Chat with team members, assign Roles, share Files, and assign Tasks
  2. Client Tab - Allows you to communicate with your client via email, preview and send your invoice & contract, and view the Client Portal link for that booking.
  1. Finances Tab - manages your payables, allowing you to pay your musicians with the click of a button. If you have PayPal enabled, you can also toggle on or off the Auto-Pay feature beside each musician to automatically pay them after the gig.

    In this section, you also get a nice project breakdown of income and expenses for that booking, so you can see at a glance if you were profitable and by how much
  2. Show Tab - Create and manage your guest list, save promo details for the show and even schedule social media posts

The Individual Booking View is one of the most powerful features in this band management app and it is guaranteed to save you time and money by centralizing and automating tedious band tasks.

Put the Individual Booking View to work for you when you create a booking inside Back on Stage.


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