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How To Capture Leads and Convert Bookings

Leads are the bread and butter of what we do in the event and entertainment industry. Leads are prospective clients that are interested in your services but haven’t yet made a formal booking. 

It is important that we communicate with new leads in a professional and timely manner to turn them into paying clients.

We have designed a system to funnel your leads straight into BOS and then extract the proper information for future communication, invoicing and contract creation. Here, on the lead page, you can clearly see the number of New Leads, Inactive Leads for 3+ days, and Inactive Leads for 60+ days, as well as a list of their names and event titles.

By clicking on any name on the list, you will get to see all the essential information captured by the Lead Form. This information is now ready to be used as auto population Tokens to create a new booking.

You can also see the progress of your Auto Follow-Up emails as well as past email exchanges. And yes, you can reply to their email directly on BOS.

In this section of the tutorial, we will teach you how to:

  1. Create a Lead Capture Form
  2. Create a chain of Auto Follow-Up Emails


The Lead Capture Forms is a form/questionnaire that gathers all the essential information of your New Leads, including name, location, and date of the event, as well as a list of your services they are interested in. It is a powerful tool to help you funnel your leads into sales.

When you click “Lead Form & Auto Follow-Up” on the main Leads page, you can customize your Lead Form and embed it on your website. When prospects submit your form, you’ll get a notification and your sequence of auto follow-up emails will begin.

Here, you get to select what information you would like the client to fill out for their initial inquiry. The name and email address fields are always mandatory, but you can choose to include or hide any other fields. 

BOS lead form

You can also show your leads a selection of services you offer here. If you need help setting up different Services, you can visit How to create a new member/role/service in the BOS Academy.

After you’ve created your Lead Capture Form there are three simple ways to make it work for you:

  1. You can copy the share link and text/email it directly to your prospective client using the URL provided in the Share or Preview option.
  2. You can copy & paste the embedded HTML code directly into your website to display the form on any page you choose and collect leads from there
  3. You can click on the “preview” link and fill in the form yourself (maybe you’re talking to someone at your show and they are interested in booking your band) 


In order to secure new leads and turn prospective clients into paid customers, it is essential that we keep a timely stream of communication with them. BOS lets you set up a sequence of emails to be sent to each prospect after they submit your Lead Form

You can set up as many follow-up emails as you want, but the sequence will PAUSE if a prospect replies or if you pause it manually from any lead page.

If you need further help on working with new leads, be sure to check out our blog on running a music business.


Kind of the point of having leads, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take this lead data and convert it into a booking with the click of a button?

Well, with Back On Stage, you can!

From any Lead page, just click the “Create Booking” button and all the current lead information will be copied into a new booking. But wait, we still need more information from the client, don’t we?

As soon as you click the “Create Booking” button, you will be asked if you want to enter the booking details manually or send the client a questionnaire. If you’re like most musicians, you’d rather go practice your instrument than spending more time on your computer, so go ahead and choose “Send Client Questionnaire”.

BOS Client Questionnaire

Now the Client Questionnaire creator will open and you can build a custom set of questions to send to you client. This way, they can fill in the rest of the gig details for you. As soon as they submit the form, all their answers will automatically inject into the booking and be immediately visible to you and any other musicians or staff that you have booked for that gig.

There’s more on using the Client Questionnaire feature inside How To Create A Booking tutorial.


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