The Dashboard is the first page that welcomes you when you log into BOS. It is the central hub  that connects your workspaces to all of the software’s impressive functionality, allowing you to access all essential information at a glance. 

Let’s take a look at what you will find on the Dashboard.

BOS Dashboard

From top to bottom you will be able to access:

  1. The Calendar - which contains the basic event info, including name, time and location of your bookings. You can select and edit any gig’s detail by clicking on a specific date. You can also add a new booking by simply pressing the “New Booking” Button.
  2. Bookings - contains a more in-depth overview of all your upcoming events. With brightly colored buttons, it will highlight all necessary actions that would require your attention, and lead you straight to the specific workspace to complete the action. 
  3. Tasks & Emails - Work smarter, not harder! All tasks and emails from any booking that are assigned to you will show up here. No more fussing around trying to remember what you needed to do for each upcoming gig.
  4. Chat - shows you a list of all the most recent chat messages from within bookings. Get a pulse on what your musicians and staff need, all in one place.
  5. Finances - is where you will find an overview of your company’s income and expenses. Click on any line item in the report to see a detailed list of relevant transactions.

By keeping everything you need in one place, the Back On Stage Dashboard puts you at the mission control of your business management, giving you the power to access every piece of relevant information all in one place!

You can learn more about the Dashboard and how to create a booking in the BOS Academy.

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