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How To Create New Members, Roles & Services

The attributes of Members, Roles and Services are all interconnected on BOS. These attributes are the basic language of the auto-book system and will tell BOS who to hire when certain services are being booked. 

Although they are very straightforward and intuitive in actual use, you must understand the differences between them to avoid confusion. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to guide you every step of the way to set up your Members, Roles and Services

Let’s start by adding new member:


Members - Refer to the actual members of your team that you have invited to the BOS app. Again, your band members need to sign up for a BOS account to connect with you. The Musician accounts are completely FREE and it will give them access to all the event information for gigs you have booked them for as well as to the powerful Repertoire Features.

IMPORTANT:Before you sign your band members up for Back On Stage, make sure you send them THIS LINK that will give them a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up their musician accounts.

In Company Settings, or by pressing the “+” button and selecting “Member” from the top navigation bar, you will be taken to the “Invite New Member” page.

BOS add new members

Here you can send invitations to members to join BOS, and, if you would rather bulk upload all your members at once, upload a spreadsheet file containing all existing members with our spreadsheet template. Just remember to download the spreadsheet (CSV) template and follow the exact format if you are doing a bulk upload.

Here you will also see a list of members who have been invited. Those who have accepted the invitations are highlighted in Green, and the Red ones are those who have yet to accept. 

Once you have imported your band members, be sure to connect them to a Role when you are done!

Member Permissions

On the topic of members, let’s address a few of our most common questions regarding member accounts. 

  • Can musicians see things like client info, total fee etc?
    Nope. They won't see contract/invoice, total fee, client info and any client communications.
  • Let's say we have a booking, the band leader isn’t on the admin list but is in charge of the band on site and needs to have the client contact info. Can we assign certain info to just that person?

    We have a couple options here:
    1. BOS has a "Notes" section that allows you to share notes with anyone on that booking. In theory you could put that info in there for the bandleader. The rest of the band could see it too though. 
    2. If ensuring not everyone has access to all client info is pretty important, we do have a pretty cool Tasks module that allows you to assign tasks within a particular booking, to a particular person booked for that gig.
      When you assign Tasks to an individual, only they can see tasks assigned to them. So one way you could do that is to put the client contact into a "task" and assign it to the preferred member of your team who needs that info


Roles - We need to keep track of who does each job in your music project so that hiring the right musicians for each gig can be automated and so that your musician and staff lists stay organized. Roles are duties that are associated with the various services your band offers.

For example, a guitarist’s role can be “Guitar”, and a drummer’s role can be “Drums”. “Non-performing” roles such as Sound Tech or Drivers can also be included. 

For each service that you offer, they usually encompass their own set of roles. For example, a Jazz Trio may contain the Roles of Guitar, Bass and Drums. 

You can assign multiple members into each Role, and the Auto-Book function will go through your call list to ensure that each Role within the Service is fulfilled.

Like adding a New Member, you can add Roles by accessing Company Settings or by pressing the “+” button and selecting “Role” on the Dashboard. 

Enter one role at a time separating each one with a line break (press enter). For example, you could enter

  • Saxophone
  • Vocalist
  • Drums
  • Sound Tech

Then, press “Save” and you’ll be taken to a list of all the Roles you have created for your organization.

You can also create new Roles inside the Booking Creator while you are creating a new booking, during the “Add Services” step.

Important: It is essential that you connect your Members to their respective Roles for the Auto-Book function to work properly.


Services - are the actual products and services you offer. For example: 9 piece dance band, Jazz Trio. These are the detailed services that you would show your clients.

To add a Service to your Company, find “Services” within the Company Settings menu.

This is where you can organize all the services your company offers. Each service requires a name, a description, a role and a price. 

To create a list of Roles within a service, simply select the Roles you would like to add from the Roles dropdown menu on the left column. If you don’t see the Roles you are looking for, you can press the “Add Another Role” button at the bottom to add more. 

On the right column, you will see the rates for each Roles you have assigned to the service. This is the amount in which BOS will pay your musician at the end of the gig.

This is one of the biggest time-savers for bandleaders using the BOS software. Make sure you set this up right so you can maximize your time savings.

If you haven’t worked out your pay scales, or if everyone of your gigs pays differently, you can just enter a general amount here. Don’t worry, you can always change this number later each time when you create a new booking.

Here is an example of what Members, Roles and Services would look like:



* Canon in D for the processional

* 60 minutes of live performance

* Incl. Guitar and Drums

Roles: Guitar and Drums

Members: Justin, Matthew, Mark, Shelby

BOS member roles services

Still have questions about Services? Check our super in-depth tutorial on How To Create Services and Use Them For Contracts, Invoices and Hiring Musicians

Now that you have created Members, Roles and Services, you can take advantage of the Auto-Book and Auto-Pay functions. 

Still confused? Check out this illustration on the page about the Auto-Book system in the BOS Academy


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