How To Create New Members, Roles & Services

Members, Roles and Services are all interconnected on BOS. These attributes are the basic language of the auto-book system and will tell BOS who to hire when you are filling your roster for gigs. 

What are Roles, Members and Services?

  • Roles: the various instrument and staff jobs in your band (like 'bass', 'drums', 'guitar' etc).
  • Members: the individual people who perform the 'Roles'
  • Services: your various band configurations and service offerings that require you to provide certain 'Roles' that you hire your 'Members' for

For example, your jazz trio ('Service') requires bass, drums and piano ('Roles') for which you hire Johny, Suzanne and Roger ('Members')

ROLES - What They Are And How To Make Them

If you didn't setup all your roles during your initial band setup, you can always add more. Just tap the '+' button and click 'Role'.

add new roles inside back on stage app

Think of all the vairous instrument and staff positions your company hires for providing your entire range of services and band configurations.

TIP: Setup your roles first so when you add members later, you have roles to assign them to.

Roles help you keep track of who does each job in your music project so that hiring the right musicians for each gig can be automated and so that your musician and staff lists stay organized.

Your roles should look like this:

roles inside back on stage app

Enter one role at a time separating each one with a line break (press enter).

Important: It is essential that you connect your Members to their respective Roles for the Auto-Book function to work properly.

MEMBERS - What Are They And How Do You Invite Them

You can add more members (musicians, staff etc) to your comapny anytime. Just click the '+' button and tap 'Members'.

add new members inside back on stage app

When you invite new members, if they are not alread BOS users, they will be sent an invitation to create an account. Musician accounts are completely FREE and it will give them access to all the event information for gigs you have booked them for as well as to the powerful Repertoire area.

IMPORTANT:Before you sign your band members up for Back On Stage, make sure you send them THIS LINK that will give them a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up their musician accounts.

Member Permission Levels (What Can Members Access And Do?)

You can invite people to be members of your company in several different capacities:

  • Full Admins and Limited Admins: these members will be able to create and administer bookings, but cannot be assigned to 'Roles', and therfore cannot be booked or paid for 'Services'.
    Learn more about admins
  • Musicians: these members can only view booking details and information pertinant to gigs they are booked for. They can be assigned to 'Roles' and can be booked and paid for gigs.

You could think of it this way: Admins are the company and musicians are the people getting paid by the company.

Can A Member Be Both 'Admin' and 'Musician'?

Yes! In many cases, an admin also performs a musician 'Role' within the musical group and also whishes to be paid. We can set this up in 2 ways:

  • Option 1: Add the member as a 'Musician' first, then make them an 'Admin'
  • Option 2: Add the member as an 'Admin' first, then invite them to be a 'Musician'

In both cases, the end result will be that the user has two seperate user accounts under the same company name and will be able to toggle between them using the 'Company List' dropdown menu.

company list dropdown back on stage

In the above example, the current user is both an Owner (admin) and Musician for 'John's funk band'.

Option 1:

Invite the member as outlined above in the 'Members' section. Once they have created their account, you can invite them to become an admin.

Just go to Company Settings >> Members and then click the 'Actions' button next to the member you want to make an admin and hit 'Make Admin'.

The member will receive an email notification inviting them to become an admin of your company. Once they click the link and accept, they will see their new admin role in the Company List dropdown selector.

Option 2:

Note: if you are a company "OWNER", your account is an 'Admin' account by default, so you will need to follow this process if you wish to also be a 'Musician' in your band.

Inviting an existing admin to become a musician is easy.

Just click the '+' button and hit 'Members'. Then, fill in the invitation fields with your existing administrator account credentials, choose a role (or several), and send the invitation.

The invitee will recieve an email and notification informing them of the invitation. Once they accept, they will be able to toggle between their new 'Musician' account and their 'Admin' account via the 'Company List' dropdown menu.

Frequently Asked Questions About Musicin Permissions

  • Can musicians see things like client info, total fee etc?
    Nope. They won't see contract/invoice, total fee, client info and any client communications.
  • Let's say we have a booking, the band leader isn’t on the admin list but is in charge of the band on site and needs to have the client contact info. Can we assign certain info to just that person?

    We have a couple options here:
    1. BOS has a "Notes" section that allows you to share notes with anyone on that booking. In theory you could put that info in there for the bandleader. The rest of the band could see it too though. 
    2. If ensuring not everyone has access to all client info is pretty important, we do have a pretty cool Tasks module that allows you to assign tasks within a particular booking, to a particular person booked for that gig.
      When you assign Tasks to an individual, only they can see tasks assigned to them. So one way you could do that is to put the client contact into a "task" and assign it to the preferred member of your team who needs that info

SERVICES - What Are They And Why Are They Important

As mentioned above, services are your various band configurations that you hire musicians for and sell to clients.

Inside BOS, services are profiles that tell Back On Stage:

  1. What to put on your invoice
  2. What to put on your contract
  3. Which musicians you need
  4. How much you will pay each musician
band service example back on stage

Later, when you create bookings, you can add a service in the "Which services will you provide" section. This simple action will allow BOS to automate the creation of your gig invoice and contract and also automatically book your musicians.


It's important to setup your service profiles accurately so they can save you time when you make bookings.

How to setup services properly

As noted above, you can save a lot of time by setting up your BOS service profiles correctly. To learn how to do that, jump over to our next tutorial on How To Create Services and Use Them For Contracts, Invoices and Hiring Musicians


Now that you have created Roles, Members, and Services, you can take advantage of the Auto-Book and Auto-Pay functions (they're sweet!). 


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