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If you're a Musician who wants to spend more time doing what you love, and less time in the office trying to find gig details, organizing setlists, chasing bandleaders for payment or syncing up all your calendars, then you're in the right place. Back On Stage App is here for you!

We help musicians enjoy their music careers again by automating the boring business aspects.

But before we begin...

Any musician can join Back On Stage, when:

  1. Your bandleader registers for an account and then sends you an invitation to join their band, OR
  2. You sign up for your own "Leader" account (there a monthly fee)

This article is for Musicians who have recieved an invitation to join Back On Stage from their bandleader.

Don't Have An Invitation?

Invite your bandleader to use Back On Stage!

Invite My Bandleader

Why Use Back On Stage (Why is it great?)

If you’re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS, your bandleader is a proud user of our software and is inviting you to be a part of this experience.

With BOS, you will be able to do the following:

  • View and accept gig offers
  • Sync your bookings to your Google Calendar or iCal
  • Communicate (chat) with your bandleader and other band members
  • Access Smart Setlists that your bandleader creates
  • Upload your own PDF files to set lists
  • Receive payments automatically after the gig
  • Download your own auto generated invoices after the gig

How To Get Started Using Back On Stage (as a musician)

By now, your bandleader will have already sent you an email invitation to join their band on Back On Stage. This email will look something like this:

bos musician invitation email

When you get the email, all you have to do is to press “click here” to reply to your bandleader’s invitation and create your Back On Stage account and profile. (IT’S FREE!) In creating an account, you will be connected to your organization's callouts on BOS and can start to receive bookings from your bandleader.

The link in the email will take you to the Back On Stage signup page. Please fill in your details and click “Accept and Create My Account”.

new BOS musician account

Now you have a musician account on BOS! This is a FREE account that BOS will be using from now on to connect you to your bandleader(s). But wait, we’re not done yet. Next, we need to log onto BOS to complete your personal profile. Complete this next form and press “save and continue”.

sign up for BOS

When you are done with this form there's the option to visit the Dashboard on Back On Stage, this is the main page of the program containing all your upcoming gig info. It is also where you will receive new bookings from your bandleader. We'll talk more on this later. But, first, let’s get you set up completely so you can get paid right away!

Once you are inside Back On Stage, find the Profile icon on the top right corner and you can access your Personal profile.

BOS profile setup

Complete Your Personal Profile So You Can Get Paid

Here's what your personal profile page looks like:

BOS personal profile page 1 BOS personal profile page 2

As you can see, BOS has already filled in some of this information for you. Scroll down a little bit and let's talk about “Invoice Settings” and “Receiving Payments.”

Back On Stage app lets bandleaders pay musicians with a simple click of a button, and ensures that each musician is paid correctly, automatically, and on-time! Furthermore, for musicians, BOS will save you the trouble of having to create an invoice for your bandleader after every gig. Instead it will generate an invoice for you automatically.

Fill Out Your Personal Invoice Settings

To make sure BOS uses your preferred info on the automatically generated invoices for all your gigs, please fill in your personal information completely. You can also tag on any applicable taxes here. If you are in a situation where taxes do not apply, you can simply leave this section blank.

Add Your PayPal Email Address So You Can Get Paid

BOS also provides a safe and secure way for bandleaders to transfer payments to you through PayPal. Of course, you will need to have a PayPal account to enjoy the convenience of this auto-pay function. PayPal accounts are free and it’s easy to sign up!

NOTE: you won't need to pay any fees to PayPal to recieve bandleader payouts and/or to transfer them to your bank account.

If you don't want to use PayPal, just leave the PayPal email address blank. BOS will still create an invoice for you when your bandleader pays you.

That's it! You just finished setting up for Back On Stage.

Now that you’re done filling in all the forms, let's go back and explore the Dashboard a little bit!

3 Features You Need To Know About

There are three main pages that you will be working with on a day to day basis: Dashboard, Individual Booking View and Repertoire Features. We have detailed step-by-step tutorials on each one of these workspaces in the Back On Stage Academy, but here’s just a quick overview of them.

1. Dashboard:

BOS musician dashboard

The BOS Dashboard is the first page you see when you log onto Back On Stage. This page will give you everything you need to know about any current and upcoming gigs, and put you at the center of the action. The basic functions of the Dashboard includes:

  1. The Calendar - which contains the basic event info, including name, time and location of your bookings. You can select and edit any gig’s detail by clicking on a specific date. You can also add a new booking by simply pressing the “New Booking” Button.
  2. Bookings - contains a more in-depth overview of all your upcoming events. With brightly colored buttons, it will highlight all necessary actions that would require your attention, and lead you straight to the specific workspace to complete the action. 
  3. Tasks & Emails - Work smarter, not harder! All tasks and emails from any booking that are assigned to you will show up here. No more fussing around trying to remember what you needed to do for each upcoming gig.
  4. Chat - shows you a list of all the most recent chat messages from within bookings. Get a pulse on what your musicians and staff need, all in one place.
  5. Finances - is where you will find an overview of your company’s income and expenses. Click on any line item in the report to see a detailed list of relevant transactions.

2. Individual Booking View:

Individual booking view musician

When you get booked for a gig, you will be able to view its detailed information in the Individual Booking View. Simply select the event you wish to view from the Calendar or the Search Bar, you will be taken to the Individual Booking View which consists of:

  • Booking Details - Find out everything you need to know about this gig, including timing, location, services and setlist.
  • Gig Offer - when your bandleader wants to book you for a gig, you'll first receive an email that looks like this:
    gig offer from back on stage
    Just hit "Respond Now" to login to BOS and go to the gig details page. Then, look for the "Accept" button to confirm your role for this gig -
    accept gig offer
  • Additional Details - If there are any additional details that are pertinent to the event they would be included here. The bandleader may choose to include detailed notes about this gig too.
  • Tabs Section (Band) - Anything that relates to the operation side of this gig can be found here. This includes Chat, Roles, Files and Tasks. We will give you a more in-dept tutorial of how BOS helps you communicate with others in the BOS academy.
  • Tabs Section (Finances) - BOS keeps track of your earnings per gig so you don’t have to. The Finances Tab contains your invoice and payout information.

3. The Repertoire Features

where is Repertoire features

When was the last time you asked this question, “What are we playing next?” Let’s face it, even for the most organized musician, it’s not easy to keep track of all the sheet music we work with everyday. Well now, you don't have to look for sheet music in your binder and then reorganize it at every gig anymore!

Back On Stage’s Smart Setlists are designed to know what instrument you play in the band and deliver the correct sheet music to your phone, computer and tablet in real time and in the proper set order.

If your bandleader has organized a setlist for the gig, you can simply head into the Individual Booking View of the gig and click “View Set List”. This will take you to the Smart Setlist right away. Once there, you can view song detials like tempo (there's even a build-in metronome), key, length, notes, and you can view sheet music pdf's or even upload your own charts!

Since this is just an overview of what we have in store for you, we’re not going to show you all the awesomeness we've put into the Repertoire Features here. In fact, we have written an entire tutorial on the use of the Repertoire Features in the BOS Academy! Be sure to pay it a visit later to learn how to use the most advanced artist management software in the market!

Not Using Back On Stage In Your Band Yet?

Invite Your Bandleader

Wouldn’t it be awesome to:  

  1. Always have up-to-date gig details in your pocket 
  2. Never have to organize your sheet music again
  3. Get paid automatically after gigs
  4. Always know how much you’ve made and who owes you

Ask your bandleader to join Back On Stage:


Preview a sample invitation:

Hi Ron (bandleader's name),

We are sending you an invitation on behalf of Janet Smith (your name).

Janet was checking out Back On Stage, a new band management web app, and thought you might be interested in using it for your band.

Specifically, Janet thought you might be into:
  • Automatically booking and paying musicians
  • Accepting online payments from clients
  • One-click invoice and contract generation
  • Smart Setlists that deliver sheet music, mp3s and more to all your musicians
Maybe you'd like to ditch Excel, Word, Dropbox, Evernote, ForScore, OnSong, Metronome Apps, and costly payment processors?

Check out Back On Stage App and let Janet know what you think!

Have a good one,

The Back On Stage Team
(on behalf of Janet)


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