How To Communicate With Clients And Musicians

BOS has created a few ways for bandleaders to communicate with team members and clients, and relay important specifics directly within the app. Most of these functions are inside the Individual Booking View of each gig:

  1. Chat - You will find this inside the “Band” tab. With the Chat function, you can pass on any relevant gig information to all your bandmates at once. These messages are passed on confidentially and are not seen by your clients or anyone outside of the booked personnel of the event.

    NOTE: When anyone posts a chat message, aside from the message being posted to the group chat instantly, email summary updates of new chat messages get sent to all the Members booked for that gig on an hourly basis.
  2. Files - Do you need to share the PDF of a stage plot or venue load-in instructions with your team? Or a photo of the setup location? It’s easy to upload and share files in the “Files” tab. You can send as many files as you need, and your band members can download them at their convenience.
  3. Tasks - The Task function lets you assign tasks to specific members in your current event. Tasks can be anything you want.

To add a task, first “add a new task group”, then add your task(s) inside it.

A good way to do it is to divide tasks into general categories (e.g. Finance, Setup, Lighting, Drivers) then assign specific tasks to one or two members (Dave - pick up rental van at 9am; Reuben - make sure the stage is set up by 1pm).

NOTE: Tasks that you create and assign to yourself are ONLY VISIBLE to you. If you are an admin, you can also make and assign tasks to any other member booked for that gig. In this case, the task you create will only be visible to that member and you.

  1. Email - You will find the email function all throughout the Back On Stage platform. The easiest way to email your client on BOS is through the “Client” tab. The email system inside Back On Stage is very unique. Please see the section below that explains How Email Works Inside Back On Stage
  2. Repertoire Features  - With our powerful Repertoire Features, setting up a smart setlist for the entire band and sending out sheet music parts will be a walk in the park! We will give you a whole tour of it in the BOS Academy!


No one likes messing around with setting up and tweaking email services. What does all that SMTP, POP3 and Alias crap mean anyway?

Inside Back On Stage, we have our own unique email service. You won’t need to fiddle with the settings or worry about plugging in your domain name. 

Every email that you send to a client through BOS, either from the Lead pages, the Dashboard or the Client Tab of any Individual Booking View, it is all handled seamlessly. 

Here’s what Back On Stage’s emailing system does behind the scenes:

  1. You create and send a new email
  2. The “Send From” name on that email will be set to your company name.
    For Example: If your company name is “John’s Funk Band”, your client will see an email in their inbox from “John’s Funk Band”
  3. Back On Stage generates a unique “reply-to” email address for each email sent. When your client replies, BOS sends that message straight to the Email section in your Client Tab of that particular booking. In other words, BOS files the email for you! You’ll also see a notification that you received a new email from that client.

BOS emailing system

All this to say, you don’t need to worry about your email settings. Emails you send will always look like they’re coming from your band (i.e. the “From:” section will always be your company name), and email replies you receive from clients will always be stored where you need them.

PLEASE NOTE: If you take your client email conversations OUTSIDE of Back On Stage (for example,  using your gmail account instead of through the BOS emailing system), there will be no way for you to add those emails to Back On Stage later, should you wish to do so. 

BOS uses the unique generated “reply-to” email as an internal tag to file your emails into the proper events. When emails do not originate from within BOS, there is no tag generation and therefore, BOS cannot properly process emails.

BOS emailing system


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