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Since you're in a band, I'll let you in on a secret:

Did you know you could make performing music profitable? GASP!?!?!

No matter if you are an Industry Veteran or a "Weekend Warrior", the key to success starts at getting everything organized!

Oh NO! Did I just say the "O" word...?!

Nobody likes"Marie Kondo"-ing their stuff... especially us musicians.

That's why we created the Back On Stage App to automate every organizational part of the gig that annoys you.

So you can... you know, get out of the office and GET BACK ON STAGE? (pun intended)

It's like Monday.com for musicians. You will also get to send/receive gig payments, put sheet music into setlist, and sync event calendars

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The Ultimate Band Management Software

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you use a proven system has already helped many musicians across the world optimize their music project?

It is a game changer for these guys!

back on stage app review 2
back on stage app review 1

Do you think this level of clarity for all your gigs would help you stay ahead of the game?

Our Free Trial Includes All App Features:

  • Superior Booking management system
  • A performance contract to get you started
  • Client invoice template
  • Musician invoice template
  • Lead auto-follow up engine
  • Automatic musician and crew booking engine
  • Music library for storing all your songs, mp3’s and PDFs
  • Set List builder for easy set list sharing
  • Built-in client email functionality
  • No more babysitting - musicians and crew can access their gig details 24/7, from any device

...and so much more!


I want to invite you to learn more about how this app, and how it will make your gigging life easier, better and more profitable!

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