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band bio examples

Band Bio Examples and How to Make Yours Great

band bio examples

Your band sounds tight, and you’re ready to start gaining exposure and working gigs. But, have you set up your website and written your bio yet? 

One of the best ways to make your band look professional is to put together a band bio page. A biography is essential for new groups so that bookers can learn about the artists before hiring them. 

An interesting, personal bio creates a positive first impression. A quality biography will help give fans and potential bookers a real sense of who you are. We have some tips and samples to help you write the perfect bio.

The first tip is to have a website that has the band’s name in the URL so people can find you. Too many new bands and artists don’t even have a website, the foundation for your music business. 

Not sure where to begin? Get a website, then write a bio using the following tips.

6 Elements of An Effective Band Bio

There are six elements to crafting a useful band or artist bio.

  1. An engaging introduction
  2. Background and historical info
  3. Description of your music or musical style
  4. Your highlights and achievements
  5. Media quotes or testimonials (If you have them)
  6. Current information 

Your bio page and EPK are living, breathing documents that tell the world who you are and what you’re doing. Always keep them current with the latest information, such as any new projects, music releases, collaborations, or upcoming gigs.

If you’re like most normal people and feel you might forget to update your band bio or EPK every month or two, set an alert in your calendar to remind you every month or two. Just changing a sentence or a date might be the only tweak you need to make the resource relevant and current again.

If you’re unsure how to write your bio, use the six elements above and write them in that order. Write in the third person, as if a reporter was talking about you on TV or a magazine.

Avoid These Things

To create a bio that works, here are a few things you don’t want to do.

Not Having a Website

Don’t rely on third-party booking sites alone like GigSalad.com, Bandcamp, or Crowd Theory Entertainment to market your band. That’s your job! You need more than a Facebook page to help the right people find you. Set up a quality website. You can pay for it all with one gig. We personally love Shopify because of how easy it is to get running and they’ve got great 24/7 tech support for all us artsy and non-techy types! But platforms like Wix, Wordpress, and even Bandcamp might be for you.

Confusing or Missing Biographies

Save the poetry for your lyrics. Stick to the information that matters to fans and potential bookers. Forego artsy, flowery descriptions in favor of easy to read details. 

Missing Link

Don’t forget to write a bio for all members, not just a generic one for the band. Make the link easy to see in the top navigation bar. Some groups try to be so clever and different that they forget to create a link to the bio. Why would someone click on your MERCH link if you don’t even have a bio?

Too Many Videos and Photos 

Filling your bio page with lots of photos and embedded videos can make the page load slowly. Cherry-pick the best media and use links to the videos. You can have a separate page or host them elsewhere, like YouTube.

Three Lengths of a Bio

Some agencies suggest writing three different bios, short, medium, and long. A quick rule of thumb is:

  • Short – 50 words
  • Medium – 100 words
  • Long – 5 to 6 paragraphs

    Most visitors and bookers will only read the short version. As such, your short bio should be a part of your electronic artist press kit. However, the extended version works well on your website or concert promotional literature.

    These three versions of your bio won’t just help bookers, but you’ll use them throughout your own social media and various online accounts too. Having a single place where all your bios are kept current really helps streamline and make your self-promotion battle an easier one.

    Use SEO to Help Everyone Find Your Band Bio

    You would be amazed at how many bands don’t bother to have a website. 

    If you search for your band’s name in Google, what comes up? Here is a perfect example of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) right. G B Duo ranks for all 5 top positions in Google for the “G B Duo” keyword. They even purchased Google Ads, as you see in the top spot. 

    GB Duo good seo for a good band bio example

    Every group and solo artist needs to have an optimized website with an easy to find the link to their Bio page.  Using proper SEO will help more people find you. This article, “SEO For Musicians and Bands,” will help you set up your website and bio the right way. 

    Ten Great Band Bio Examples

    Before we jump into these band bio examples, we wanted to point out an interesting observation. While creating this article, we noted that it's actually quite difficult to find quality band bios for most of the bands out there. 

    It seems to be that once you reach a certain level of fame, there ceases to be a need for a band bio on your website. Just try to find one any of the websites for popular stars like Beyoncé, Bruno Mars or U2. These artists have bios on Wikipedia, but their website is primarily for promoting upcoming tours and albums. When you're that famous, people already know who you are and what you do, so no one really cares to read your bio

    If you're not one of these big famous artists though, don't think you can get away without a bio. It's a stepping stone you can't skip. Bookers, clients and potential fans need to get to know you before they commit, and a YouTube live performance video just isn't going to cut it.

    So, how about some band bio examples...

    1. The Phonix Dance Band

    This is an excellent band bio example. At a glance, you know who each musician is, what they do, and one interesting detail about them. Short and sweet.

    Band bio page example

    2. Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos

      What makes this bio unique is the number of players and their locations. Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos has offices in seven states. The website has tabs for each state listing the bios of the piano players that cover each area. Each musician has a humorous blurb, a link to more information, plus an interview-style video bio.

      Examples of Band Bios - Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos

      3. Art d’Ecco

        This biography is unique because it’s not a biography. Instead, the artist uses a very descriptive quote about his performance.

        Examples of Band Bios – Art d’Ecco

        4. Shawn Austin

          This solo country artist packs everything into one page, including his “About” info. Fans and booking agents can quickly find everything they need to know.

          Examples of Band Bios – Shawn Austin

          5. Snotty Nose Rez Kids

            This Canadian Hip-Hop duo uses their bio to chronicle their musical accomplishments. The bio touches on their indigenous heritage and their musical beginnings.

            Examples of Band Bios – Snotty Nose Rez Kids

            6. The Funk Hunters

              Music comes in all forms. These two DJ’s have a professional bio highlighting music awards, albums and international music festivals where they have played. It’s a simple layout with their photos in the header and an easy to read biographies.

              Examples of Band Bios – The Funk Hunters

              7. The Crescent Sky

                This group of four makes a personal connection between fans and the individual artist. They post eleven engaging questions under the title, “Fun things to know about us.” Then, they list the responses by each musician. 

                Examples of Band Bios – The Crescent Sky

                8. Ill-Legitimate

                This group has ten rap artists. Each artist has a photo with his stage name that links to individual bios. There is also one link to the Ill-Legitimate (the band’s) bio.

                Examples of Band Bios - Ill-Legitimate

                9. Neck of the Woods

                  We added this bio, not because it tells the band’s story, but how it could be improved. White font on black is always a bit difficult to read. After the bio, they list the band members and what they play. Underneath the list, they post the band’s photo, but there is no way to tell who is who. Sure it’s artsy, but wouldn’t be helpful to put a name and an instrument to a face?

                  Examples of Band Bios - Neck of the Woods

                  10. Oxlip

                  The bio for this Irish singer incorporates third-party testimonials. It’s a useful technique of social proof for newer artists because it helps sell the people interested in hiring them.

                  Examples of Band Bios - Oxlip

                  To summarize, add information that fans and potential bookers want to know. Make it easy to read and not too long.

                  Keep Your Band Bio Organized and Up to Date

                  Your bio should be fun and helpful for potential clients to know and hire you. Use easy to see links at the top of the Home page to your website. Make sure to highlight each member with at least a sentence or two. 

                  Your band’s music and gigs change all the time. Make sure you keep your bio up to date with the latest activity and accomplishments.

                  One tool that keeps you organized is the Back On Stage web app for musicians and bandleaders. It combines all the functions needed to keep a busy band on top of their schedules. It’s a repository for all your music, band member info, contact information, integrated calendar, and everything else you need to manage a band.

                  Keeping your profile up to date demonstrates to potential employers that you’re not just another band. You’re serious about your business and your future.


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