finding a music manager

Finding a Music Manager Who’s Right for Your Band


finding a music manager

Music manager, Jeremy Levin of Mega House Music said, “Being a great manager is about building and maintaining relationships. The more you know your clients, the better you can help them. If I can’t see myself going on a vacation with you, chances are you won’t fit the aesthetic we are looking for.”

This blog will cover how to find a music manager who cares, like Mr. Levin. We’ll also touch on why you need a manager, the characteristics of a good music manager, and how to hire one.

Do You Need to Find a Music Manager?

If working on your social media, marketing, emails, negotiating contracts, and booking new gigs starts to eat into your creative and family time, it’s time to hire a band manager. 

You should know that to take over your workload, a music manager will require anywhere from 15% to 30% of any revenue that they help to generate. Can you afford it?

Let’s discuss why you may not need a manager in the beginning. If this is your first band, you should learn the ropes yourself. You need to know what you’re paying someone else to do for your group. Keep in mind, successful music managers generally won’t work for a band if it’s not making money.

How much do you make per gig? Can you afford to spend a percentage of your precious income on a music manager? These are the hard questions you need to answer before hiring anyone.

Also consider how much more you could get done on your own if you have the right arsenal of band apps to help with your daily band tasks.

Watch this video, “How To Get A Music Manager & Do You Need One?” for additional tips and a healthy dose of reality.

Criteria of a Good Band Manager

The best music managers are masters of organization, have excellent people skills, and can weave their way through the intricacies of today’s music industry. The duties of a music manager vary from one to another. However, their common goal is to connect bands and artists with as many of the right gigs and opportunities to maximize everyone’s revenue potential. Ask for references before you hire one. 

Here are some positive characteristics you want to look for when finding a music manager:

  • Excellent People Skills – A successful music manager will be schmoozing music people and need to learn how to handle all types of personalities. They must be firm and persistent without being rude or offensive.
  • Being the Voice of Reason – Sometimes, a manager is the designated driver for the band. He looks after the welfare of the group. 
  • Know the Music Industry – They should know how to work with labels, agents, promoters, and PR companies.
  • Mediate Band Disputes – Sometimes, music managers are the referee or the doting mother. They do what it takes to get things worked out and the band back on track. 

    The right music manager will help propel your group into stardom while taking care of daily mundane tasks like paying bills and negotiating contracts.

    Finding a music manager is not as hard as you think. You’ll search in some of the same places as you would for a new band member.

    How to Find a Band Manager

    Some of the best places to search for a music manager are:

          1. Music Industry Networking Events – Some examples are:

          2. Be Vocal and Use Social - Don’t keep it a secret. Tweet, post, and tell anyone on your social channels that you’re looking for a manager.

          3. Check with Other Bands – Connect with similar bands to yours. Experienced groups can provide valuable information, pros, and cons of a potential manager.

          4. Talk to Music Bloggers, and Other industry People - Bloggers, radio DJs, club owners, and promoters know the right people in your local music scene. Ask them for help.

          This article, “How to Find Members For Your Band” may have some other useful ideas for you.

          Chances are, more than one music manager is looking for talent. Just like you’re looking for them, they are looking for you. As long as you are getting the word out, it shouldn’t take long to find the right person.

          Help your new manager be more productive for your band. Consider a comprehensive band management app that…

          Automates 80% of A Manager’s Tedious Tasks

          One way to get through the growing pains of managing your band is to automate as many tasks as possible. The Back On Stage web app can do 80% of the office work that a manager does in 80% less time. It’s a minimal investment that will help you or your manager automate critical activities such as:

          • Emailing leads and band members
          • Keeping track of your contacts
          • Tracking all appointments, gigs, and rehearsals
          • Instantly communicate with band members
          • Filling in and sending contracts and invoices
          • Paying the band
          • Archiving and managing the music library and setlists

            The app will save many hours each week, minimize mistakes, and free up more time for them to find more gigs for you.


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