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“The Phonix Band had was at capacity managing 56 bookings per year until we started using Back On Stage. Now we can easily book three to five times more gigs. That’s almost 5 gigs per week.” - Reuben Avery, Bandleader for The Phonix


8 Client Management Features That Build Relationships

The BOS band booking software helps you stay organized with eight CRM (customer relationship management) tools. No more lost information or forgetting to follow-up. Built-in CRM tools ensure that you never miss a call, email, or contact.

  • Lead capture forms - Embed them on your website for clients to fill in. The system automatically stores their information for contracts and invoices.
  • The autoresponder – The system automatically follows-up with new leads.
  • Email management - Stores vital messages. Use templates to quickly communicate with prospects, band members, and anyone involved with your gigs.
  • Automated contracts - The app automatically fills in the contract template with all the client and project information.
  • Electronic signature - Makes generating contracts and invoices a snap.
  • Instant client invoicing - Generate and send client invoices with only a few clicks.
  • Electronic file management - Lets you pull up emails, files, questionnaires, invoices, and contracts from one client tab — everything you need to manage your band and events.
  • Bookkeeping functionality - Process payments, let customers pay deposits, and manage your finances from one place.

Back On Stage enables you to capture leads, interact with clients, and manage your bookings all from a single dashboard.

11 Band Management Features for Smoother Gigs

  • Auto-Book musicians – Enter musicians for each role, and the system automatically contacts them for you.
  • Create and share gig details – Easy to find detailed information for each gig on one page.
  • Share files – Attach floor plans, riders, load-in instructions or anything else to specific gigs so that all your musicians can see them
  • Pay musicians automatically - Connect with your PayPal account, then select "Auto-Pay" to seamlessly pay your musicians after the gig. You determine exactly when.
  • Drag and drop setlists – Easily customize your set lists, even during a live gig.
  • Interactive setlists - Each song contains arrangement notes, PDFs, videos, MP3 attachments, and other details of each song on your set list. Even specify which of your vocalists will sing it!
  • Private and shared tasks – Assign tasks to your bandmates or for yourself. Never forget to learn that song or send the contract.
  • Private musicians chat for each gig – Messages will only display to the people booked for that gig, reducing clutter.
  • Auto-generates musician invoices – Pay your musicians automatically, on time, every time. Keep a clean paper trail for tax time without chasing and waiting for invoices.
  • Track income and expenses – Built-in bookkeeping functionality tracks each gig.
  • Social media post scheduling - Set up posts in advance and get the word out to your fans for your next event.

This band booking software is the solution for bandleaders who want to get out of the office and Back On Stage!

The Repertoire & Setlist Feature

The Repertoire feature replaces Dropbox, Evernote, and any other apps musicians use to piece together their library. Your music library is the insurance policy for your band. Having quality sheet music and recordings at your fingertips means you can hire subs at the last minute and nail the gig.

No more searching YouTube for random versions of songs and having subs show up with the wrong version for your show.

The Setlist displays individual songs. Click on a song to view the Song Title, Lead Vocalist, Key, BPM, and Original Artist. You’ll also see details of the musician and bandleader's notes, any attachments, the song length, the audio, and video files.

Back On Stage is an incredible resource for cover bands and original bands alike.

Once you have your song library set up, the setlist feature uses filters to include or omit members for specific gigs or songs. Drag and drop to reorganize your set list, and even add timing points or notes for speeches and set breaks. Musicians and subs can view the set list and sheet music live during the gig.

Musicians have access to the set lists and sheet music for every gig. It’s the solution for training subs on short notice. Unlike Led Zeppelin, there’s NO communication breakdown.