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What is a Leader account?

If you are a bandleader or owner/manager of a band or music project, you will want to sign up for the "Leader" account.

As the Leader, you can manage all aspects of your music project on a single intuitive platform. This includes client care, accounting, wrangling musicians, booking, finance, payment portal, and interactive setlists.

Are you managing a big team or multiple bands?

With a Leader account, simply create multiple "companies" (bands) within your profile and then add members and admin staff onto your teams, FREE of charge!

(No credit card required to sign up. 30 days for free, then $29CAD/month to continue)

You Have 2 Options:

#1 - A Personal Experience

At no additional cost, our amazing BOS team will jump onto a Zoom chat with you and take you through the entire sign up process and give you all the tips and tricks in BOS while we're at it.

#2 - Do It Yourself

We'd love to work with you personally, but if you'd prefer to sign up the old fashion way simply enter your email address in the form below and then check your mailbox for the onboarding instructions.

Please Enter Your Email Address

*Check your mailbox, we just sent you the onboarding instructions!*

What is a Musician account?

If you participate in a music project (you're in a band) and you ARE NOT "the guy in charge", then you fit in to this category.

BOS is a way for you to connect with ANY bandleaders who are using Back On Stage. And you can join Back On Stage for FREE!

All you have to do is to get your bandleader or manager (whoever runs your band) to sign up for BOS, and then invite you to join their company inside BOS once they're setup.

Give your bandleader a nudge and invite them to use this revolutionary software by clicking the button below!

Send an Invite to Your Bandleader

  1. Fill out the Form
  2. We'll send them an email with the joining instructions
  3. You score some brownie points for giving them the BEST business advice all year!