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Musician and Crew Scheduling System that Manages Itself

Book all your musicians and crew with a single click. Our auto-book system does all the work, you just set and forget.

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Tired of waiting on your musician's reply?
BOS users book their musicians and crew in less than 10 seconds.

Set up your gig personnel in seconds

  • ✓  Auto-book using prefill template of your musicians and rate amounts
  • ✓  Reorder the call list and set individual rate amounts for each musician
  • ✓  Customize gig offer and expiry time to encourage speedy responses

BOS sends automated gig offers with a single click

  • ✓  Automatically book musicians in the order you specify
  • ✓  Automated gig offer follow-up until each position is filled
  • ✓  Musicians see your gig offer emails and accept them on their phone

Keep a clean, organized list of your team for the gig

  • ✓  See Booking Status of musicians and how much you’re paying them
  • ✓  Musicians can sync to their Google Cal and see gig details anywhere
  • ✓  Display only gig info and their own payment amount in musician view

Band management shouldn’t be about waiting for replies

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Musician Scheduling FAQ

Instead of make the call and email to each individual musician to ask for their availability, Back On Stage does that for you automatically by emailing each person on your calling list with a detailed booking message in the order and configuration that you specified. When musicians receive this on their phone, they can simply reply with a "Yes", "No" or wait until it times out, in which case BOS will deliver the booking message to the next person on your list.

To invite a musician to a gig, simply enter the basic booking information of your gig into Back On Stage (e.g. time, date, location, payments), and then press the "Book Now" button! That's it! Now you can rest assured that your gig rosters would be filled promptly and let Back On Stage do the rest.

How committed are you in improving your music business? Your success is important to us! We'll wait until you've seen the demo, and have decided that BOS app is the right fit for your business before we set up your account and initiate your 30-day free trial. :)

So you loved the BOS app! But you hate the thought of having to transfer all the files from your old management system. We get it! That's why your BOS expert will be in touch shortly to personally help you with the migration process. We want to make your transition as smooth as possible so that you can get right back to business with virutally no interruptions!

Your 30-day free trial officially starts on the day of your account set up session with your Back On Stage expert. This is AFTER your intital demo, data migration and account set up. Don't worry, our team will take you through it step-by-step!