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Monthly Plan

$23 /mo

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Your Subscription Includes:

  •  Unlimited Team Members
  •  Unlimited Admins
  •  Unlimited Companies
  •  Unlimited Bookings
  •  Unlimited File Storage
  •  Basically...no limits!
  •  Free contract template
  •  Automated client and musician invoices
  •  Auto-pay for your musicians
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Annual Plan

$254 /year

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Your Subscription Includes:

  •  Unlimited Team Members
  •  Unlimited Admins
  •  Unlimited Companies
  •  Unlimited Bookings
  •  Unlimited File Storage
  •  Basically...no limits!
  •  Free contract template
  •  Automated client and musician invoices
  •  Auto-pay for your musicians
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Learn more about account types, how to join and who needs to pay.


crm for bands

CRM Solution

Stop missing out on opportunities just because that new inquiry got lost in your inbox!

Lead capture form for your website

Customizable auto lead follow-up email sequence

Send client questionnaires to gather gig details efficiently

contract and invoice generator

Contract & Invoice Generator

What’s better than invoice and contract templates? A magic generator that fills them for you! Plus, easily track overdue documents and get paid faster!

Band Performance Contract & Invoice template included

Generate gig contracts and invoices with a click

Clients will love how easily they can eSign your contract and send you payments

online shared calendar app for bands

Shared Calendar

Ditch BandHelper and lengthy email threads. Give your band members the clarity they deserve and completely eliminate annoying last minute "Where's the gig?" text messages.

Sync with Google Cal

Give your entire team 24/7 access to non-sensitive gig details

Share files with your team members and even delegate booking tasks with a handy to-do list

automatically book musicians for gigs

Auto-Book Musicians

Tired of the back and forth trying to confirm all your musicians for gigs? This is the musician and crew scheduling system that manages itself.

Customize call list templates to book members for each of your ensemble configurations

Automated gig offers are sent until musicians accept or decline

Monitor booking statuses in real time and know exactly when everyone is confirmed

pay musicians after a gig

Send Musician Payouts

Do you really want to be wasting your time chasing your team for their gig invoices and burning cash on costly payroll or money transfer services? We hope not! Let's put it all on AUTO-PILOT.

Integrate with PayPal to auto-pay your musicians right after the gig

Musician invoices are generated automatically upon each sent payout

Easily track gig profits with automatic gig finance reports

band set list maker

Song Library & Set List Builder

Ditch Dropbox, Evernote and ugly paper set lists. The Smart Setlist is your virtual resource library that will help you finish building a show in seconds!

Advanced repertoire library built for bands

Store unlimited songs, with song title, tempo, duration, and notes as well as PDF and MP3 attachments

“Smart Set Lists” automatically distribute your PDF resources based on roles (the drummer will only see drum charts, etc)

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Admin hours saved per gig


Killer Features


Apps in one!

"Hands down the best app I've found for booking your band!"

back on stage bandleaders reviews

Nikki Green (Bandleader from San Diego)

This is hands down the best app I've found for booking your band. It keeps gigs organized, tracks leads, reminds you of follow ups and tasks, auto-sends gig offers to musicians, and makes it very easy to create invoices and contracts to send to clients. The interface is very clean and simple and uses a lot of modern technology.


Can I Sync My BOS Gig Calendar With Google Calendar?

Yes, you can! Inside the app, just click "Subscribe to my BOS Calendar" to have all your BOS bookings synced to your Google calendar.

Is There An App For iPhone or Android?

BOS is a web app, meaning you don't need to download anything form any app store. But it's easy to add the app to your home screen. Just open BOS on your mobile browser and click the "Share" button inside your browser window. Then click "Add to Home Screen". Now you can access BOS from your device easily.

How Does BOS Notify My Team Of Gig Offers

BOS sends gig offers via email. Each of your team members will need to register with a valid email address in order to receive app notifications. In the future, we plan to build a mobile app to allow for push notifications too!

What Details Can All My Team Members See?

Inside Back On Stage, there are two different permission levels; admins and members. Admins have full system access and can see everything, whereas members can only access information pertaining to gigs you have booked them for. Within individual bookings they are booked for, they cannot see sensitive information like client details, financial information, the client contract and client invoice, nor will they see how much anyone else in the ensemble is being paid. As an admin, from any booking page, you can click on the Actions menu and select "View as non-admin" to preview the current booking the way your musicians and crew will see it.

Can I Accept Electronic Payments From Clients and Is There A Fee?

You can accept online payments from your clients using our PayPal integration. You will need a verified PayPal business account to set this up. Once activated, you can accept client payments via credit card, debit card and PayPal account. Individual transaction fees vary by country, but are usually around 2.9% of the transaction amount. You can likely recoup these fees just by enabling the "Tip" option on your client invoices - we have observed that clients are more likely to tip when paying with credit card and extra revenue from tips easily covers processing fees.

Does BOS Work In My Country And With My Currency?

Currenctly, our app and support are available in English only, however we support 25 currencies. If your currency is on this list, then your company can use Back On Stage:

Australian dollar ( AUD - AUD ), Brazilian real ( BRL - BRL ), British pound ( GBP - £ ), Canadian dollar ( CAD - CAD ), Chinese yuan ( CNY - ¥ ), Czech koruna ( CZK - Kč ), Danish krone ( DKK - kr ), Euro ( EUR - € ), Hong Kong dollar ( HKD - HKD ), Hungarian forint ( HUF - Ft ), Indian rupee ( INR - ₹ ), Israeli new shekel ( ILS - ₪ ), Japanese yen ( JPY - ¥ ), Malaysian ringgit ( MYR - MYR ), Mexican peso ( MXN - MXN ), New Taiwan dollar ( TWD - TWD ), New Zealand dollar ( NZD - NZD ), Norwegian krone ( NOK - NOK ), Philippine peso ( PHP - ₱ ), Polish z?oty ( PLN - zł ), Russian ruble ( RUB - RUB ), Swedish krona ( SEK - SEK ), Swiss franc ( CHF - Fr ), Thai baht ( THB - ฿ ), United States dollar ( USD - $ )

Is There A Contract?

Nope. You can cancel anytime with no penalties.

Is There A Guarantee?

You bet! We are so confident that you'll love Back On Stage that we have a 90-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide the BOS is not a great fit for you, just let us know within 90 days of your free trial ending and we'll refund all your subscription payments. How's that for great service!

Is There Support?

Of course. We don't just expect you to figure it all out alone. Our team will reach out to you after you sign up and offer whatever help you need to migrate your existing booking data and get your team set up. We have chat, email, phone and even video conference support! (Oh, and it's all free!)

What Happens After I Sign Up?

Sign up only takes about 60 seconds - please note you'll be asked to provide you billing details so that in 30-days, you can smoothly transition out of your free trial without any hiccups. Once you are signed up, you'll need to set up your company first, which can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes (Don't worry, there's plenty of help along the way!). After that, you'll be ready to book your complimentary onboarding call with your account manager and start putting Back On Stage to the test.

What Other Tools And Websites Does Back On Stage Integrate With?

Currently, we have integrations with PayPal (to facilitate your client payments and musician payouts), Google Calendar (so all your bookings stay in sync) and Hootsuite (so that you can schedule social media posts).

Can The Calendar Be Linked to My Website?

Yes! Our "show feed widget" allows you to publish all your "public" bookings to any page on your website, complete with show details, a poster and your ticket link.

Can I Manage My Fan Email List and Campaigns Inside BOS?

Currently, BOS is primarily focused on booking management and automation. Not so much on show promotion, unfortunately. Although we enable you to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts and publish your booking feed to your website, your fan email list will still need to be managed elsewhere.

Can I Track Ticket and Merch Sales With BOS?

Currently, we do not offer a convenient way for you to track merchandise or ticket sales. We recommend great eCommerce sites like Shopify for that!