Money-Saving Hacks to Avoid Credit Card Fees for Your Music Gigs

Money-Saving Hacks to Avoid Credit Card Fees for Your Music Gigs

Are you tired of losing a significant chunk of your music gig revenue to credit card fees? In this blog post, we'll explore some ingenious strategies and money-saving hacks that can help you sidestep those fees and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

So, let's dive right in!


The Surprise Fee Dilemma

Imagine visiting a grocery store, loading up your cart with items, and heading to the checkout. As you prepare to pay with your credit card, the cashier drops a bombshell, "That'll be an additional $30 for using a credit card."

Surprising, frustrating, and downright awkward, right?

Just as you wouldn't appreciate such unexpected fees, your customers deserve the same consideration. Credit card fees should never be a surprise to them.

Charging Fees to Clients

Some band leaders or music group owners consider passing the credit card fees on to their clients. However, if you choose this route, it's crucial to be transparent.

Communicate the fee upfront as soon as you start discussing payment options or, better yet, include it on your website where you showcase your pricing.

For instance, you can mention, "We charge an extra 3% for credit card payments." But exercise caution, as this approach may strain your client relationships.

It might make you appear different from other bands who don't charge such fees, potentially putting you at a disadvantage. Thus, this may not be the best solution.

The Optimal Solution: Accepting Credit Cards

Contrary to the previous suggestion, the ideal solution is still to accept credit cards. Research shows that clients tend to tip more generously when given the option to pay with a credit card.

Introducing friction by requiring checks or cash can decrease tips. Additionally, credit card payments offer perks like reward points, making them desirable for customers, particularly in the wedding industry where couples often accumulate points for their honeymoon.

Removing this option can create unnecessary friction in the buying process.

Incorporating the Fee into Your Rates

Instead of charging an explicit fee, a more effective approach is to incorporate the credit card fee into your rates. For example, if your rate for a solo or duo performance at a wedding is $1000, consider setting it at $1030 to account for the credit card fee. By doing this consistently for all your gigs, clients won't even notice the fee.

Technically, this is a standard business expense that should be factored into your pricing, similar to utilities, rehearsal space fees, instrument maintenance costs, or vehicle expenses. Itemizing credit card fees on every invoice would create unnecessary complexity, making it more practical to include them in your overall pricing structure.

The Advantages of This Approach

Incorporating credit card fees into your rates offers several advantages:
  1. Clients won't be caught off guard since the fees are already included. This upfront approach helps maintain a harmonious relationship with your clients.
  2. It provides an opportunity to offer discounts, which often delights customers.

    For instance, when someone asks for a discount, you can respond with, "Certainly! We can offer a discount if you pay with cash, saving you $300," or the equivalent of the 3% credit card fee based on the total bill. People love discounts, and this gesture can further strengthen your client relationships.

    Moreover, you can also proactively offer discounts to clients who choose to pay with cash from the outset. By offering these advantages, you position yourself favorably among competitors who may not be as flexible with their payment options.


By incorporating credit card fees into your pricing structure, you eliminate any surprises or inconvenience for your clients. This approach allows you to offer discounts when clients opt for cash or check payments, fostering stronger relationships.

It can also become a competitive advantage for your music gigs.

We hope these tips and strategies help you avoid paying credit card fees out of your own pocket, enabling you to retain more of your well-deserved earnings.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you successful and rewarding gig experiences ahead.


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