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Here at BOS we are the kind of people who never stop saying, "There's gotta be a better way to do this!"

We would love to show you a couple of really cool things that our mad scientists have been cooking up in the lab, and a couple of popular customer requests that we're seriously considering.

What if we could...

You asked for it, and we've built it! Here's a sneak peek of what we're developing.

Contract And Invoice Status Labels (on Dashboard)

We're adding the “Contract Sent” tag to the NEW DASHBOARD (coming soon in BOS V 2.0). Now Back On Stage will tell you the status of your invoice and contract using brightly colored labels.

BOS tags

The Contracts and Invoice Status labels will show based on these conditions:


  1. Displays current number of booked roles like “x/X Roles Booked”
  2. Display yellow when roles are NOT completely booked
  3. Display green when all roles are booked
  4. Will not display tag if booking process has not been initiated


  1. If client signature is required and is overdue, then display “Contract Overdue”
  2. If client signature is NOT required, then display “Contract Sent”
  3. If client signature is complete, then display “Contract Signed”


  1. If deposit required and the amount is unpaid or less than required, then display “Invoice Overdue”
  2. If deposit amount is paid, then display “Deposit Paid”
  3. If balance amount is unpaid and overdue, then display “Invoice Overdue”
  4. If balance amount is paid, then display “Invoice Paid” (and hide “Deposit Paid” label, if present)
  5. If invoice is sent, then display “Invoice Sent” (and hide if any other invoice statuses are present)

Admin Conversation

We already have a member chat on each individuatl booking, but we have recognized the importance of admin-only conversations for larger organization. Our new admin conversations module for individual bookings will only be visible to admins. You will find the module in the individual booking views in BOS V 2.0

BOS admin chats

Sort & Filter Bookings Better With More Columns

People say "less is more", but when it comes down to finding the correct information in a pinch we'd say "more is MORE" - More columns, that is. We're adding loads of perful filters to the lead list and booking list pages, plus, we're adding more colums to the booking list page, so you can sort and process your bookings more efficitnely. Here are a few examples:

  1. “Tags” - It will list all tags associated with each booking.
  2. “Contract Sent” - shows date contact was sent like “15-Mar-2020”, or “-” if unsent
  3. “Contract Signed” - shows date contact was signed like “15-Mar-2020”, or “-” if unsigned
  4. “Invoice Sent” - shows date contact was sent like “15-Mar-2020”, or “-” if unsent
  5. “Deposit Paid” - shows date deposit was paid like “15-Mar-2020”, or “-” if unpaid
  6. “Balance Paid” - shows date full amount was paid like “15-Mar-2020”, or “-” if unpaid
  7. “Roles Booked” - shows the amount of roles currently booked, like “3/10” or “-” if no roles are booked.

BOS sorting columns

Custom Lead and Booking Tags

Organize your company your way by adding customizable tags to leads and bookings.

customizable tags

Email Templates Everywhere

Trying to make your life easier. We will be adding email templates to all the email send windows in the coming months.

Bug Fixed

Gasp! Did you find a bug in the program? Don't worry, we're on it! Our team is always ready to make sure your user experience is as smooth as possible. Here is a list of bugs that we're fixing!

Bug Report: Status
Issue with deleted bookings still showing up on the Overdue Invoices & Overdue Bills alerts We're on it!
Difficulties sending questionnaires We're on it!
Finance “Profit” section includes tax amount, but should exclude it. We're on it!
Be able to assign tasks to any/all admins, even if they're not booked for the booking. FIXED!
BOS only recognizes client email address when client was created inside booking creator. We're on it!
Cannot apply "reference number" when "applying payment" to an invoice. We're on it!

Found a bug? Report it HERE!

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