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musician invoice template

Musician Invoice Templates for Working Musicians

musician invoice template

As a musician or performer, what would you rather do, keep writing invoices, or making music?

There are several invoice templates for musicians that you can download online to help you keep up with your financial matters. Stay tuned, and we’ll show you an even easier way at the end of this blog. 

Getting the right template will save you time, not only for fast and easy billing but it will help you during tax season. 

Why Use a Musician Invoice Template?

There are three reasons every musician or band needs to use an invoice for each gig. 

  1. First, using a template can save you a considerable amount of time. Our band did a time analysis for administrative tasks. We found out that writing up a contract, the invoice, and sending them took an hour per gig. Since we’ve started using invoice and contract templates, we’ve cut that time to just a few minutes. 
  2. Second, an invoice is a valuable paper trail. It helps bands and individual performers to improve their accounting practices. Invoices save time and money during tax time. They document revenue, expenses, and overall growth.
  3. Third, using a template can help avoid costly errors. Writing a new invoice from scratch for each gig creates more opportunities to make mistakes. A template preserves all of the necessary information, such as dollar amounts. It’s easy to miss a decimal point if you are in a hurry or distracted, and that can ruin your week. 

Look Professional and Get Paid Faster

A musician invoice template helps a band or artist get paid faster and provides legal protection should the event organizer want to stiff you. By providing a well-designed invoice, Owners will treat you with more respect. You look professional instead of doing risky business with a handshake or writing something on a bar nap. 

Sending an invoice makes it easier for the venue owners and anyone booking your services to know precisely the people and services for which they are paying. Using an invoice template makes it easy for you too.

Use Three Types of Invoices to Bill Customers

There are three types of invoices every musician or bandleader needs to have in their toolbox. 

  1. The Standard Invoice - A standard invoice is the most common for musicians. It details the list of their services, the payment deadline, and the total amount due.
  2. The Prepayment Invoice - Musicians use this invoice to request a deposit or payment in advance. If you’re unsure whether a venue or client is going to pay you, use a prepayment invoice to protect yourself. 
  3. Recurring Invoice – A recurring invoice can save you time if you play a regularly scheduled gig at the same venue. You can generate the invoice automatically for weekly or monthly billing.  

By having each of these invoices as templates, you can generate billing on the spot, depending on your situation.

Merge Your Invoice Template with the Contract

You already know that you need to use an invoice if you want to get paid. What if you could automatically combine the information from the invoice to write the contract? By using templates and populating the data from the forms you already have, you can save hours each week.

Here’s the solution we alluded to up top.

The Back On Stage App Automates Writing Contracts and Invoices 

A band leader developed this app for other bandleaders and musicians. Back On Stage merges the CRM (Client Relationship Management) information with all the different tools band leaders use, like invoicing, setlist builders, and social media scheduling. 

Once you have a client’s information and gig details in the system, creating contracts and invoices takes only a few clicks. It can save up to 80% of a bandleader’s time.

You set up a customizable invoice, contract, and email templates in the app. Sending the invoice is a snap. Open the client’s file, create the invoice, and send it with a personalized message from the built-in email.

One of the benefits of automated invoicing is that you have everything organized for year-end account reporting - no more lost invoices or shoeboxes full of paperwork.

Cash is king, but e-Transfers, debit cards, and online payment methods are the king’s younger brother. What good is sending an invoice if you can’t accept the client’s preferred payment method? The Back On Stage app integrates with PayPal so you can accept a variety of payment options including all sorts of credit cards and even some debit cards. You’ll get paid faster and avoid excuses about getting your money.

And What About Paying Musicians and Musician Invoices?

After the gig is over and you want to pay all your musicians (assuming you’re the bandleader), It’s essential to keep a paper trail of the payments you make to musicians also. Possibly even more important than keeping track of your income.

If you ever get audited by your national revenue agency, they will assume that all the money you deposited to your bank account was income. They will tax you on ALL OF IT!

If you don’t want to pay tax on all of this revenue, you’ll need to have solid proof of what you paid out, why you paid it, and to whom.

Having an invoice trail is the best way to prove your payments.

For a bandleader, as a best practice, you’ll want to make sure that you get invoices from all your musicians before you send out payments after a gig. These invoices should include:

  1. Musician’s full name, address and tax number
  2. Bill to: Name, address (this is YOUR company or band name)
  3. Details of services provided
  4. Date of the gig, location
  5. Fees + tax (if applicable) 
  6. Payment due date
  7. Invoice number (helpful for filing and reference when collecting payments)

Here’s an example of what that might look like:

musician invoice template

Accounting tools like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, or Invoice-generator.com can help you make an invoice too, but if you use Back On Stage, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Back On Stage Makes Your Musician Invoices Automatically

If all of the above has your brain swimming, don’t panic. If you are the bandleader and manage your band with Back On Stage, you can just go to bed after the gig. (and if you're a musician, tell your bandleader to start using Back on Stage NOW!)

Our app can take care of paying all your musicians automatically at a time you choose. The moment the app sends the payments, the bandleader and the musician(s) will each receive an email with the “PAID” musician’s invoice attached.

Sample Automated Payment/Invoice Email

musician invoice paid template email

You’ll each have a paper trail of the money, and our app fills in all of the invoice fields with the relevant gig details!

Bandleaders no longer have to chase musicians for their invoices, and musicians don’t even have to lift a finger!

Further to that, if a bandleader or musician ever looses their copy of an invoice, getting another copy is as easy as logging in to Back On Stage to retrieve it!

Just navigate to the booking you need an invoice from, head over to the Finances tab and press the "Print Invoice" button.

Access Auto-Generated Invoices Anytime

login to access musician invoice from back on stage

To make your musical life more manageable, learn more about automated contracts, musician invoice templates, and integrated payment methods. Check out the list of Back On Stage features to find out if this all-in-one band software is right for you. 


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