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How To Connect PayPal account to BOS

From Reuben Avery, creator of the Phonix Band:

BOS's got a system that is super easy for admins...basically enable PayPal and Auto-Pay, then sit back and relax. That's sooo much easier than manually sending 20 bank transfers and processing 20 different invoices from people. Yes, there’s transaction fees with PayPal, but I'm willing to make the tradeoff off having my free time back!”

Linking your Business PayPal account to BOS will enable you to send and receive money easily and securely through Back On Stage. We use the PayPal gateway to process all outgoing money transfer and to receive credit card payments from clients. We're going to show you how to Link Your PayPal Account to Back On Stage

7 steps to link your PayPal Business account to Back On Stage:

  1. Get a PayPal Business Account at PayPal.com
  2. Login with your new PayPal business account credentials at developer.paypal.com
  3. Click on “Live”, under ‘My Apps & Credentials,’ then click on “Create App”
  4. Name it “Back On Stage” then click “Create App”
  5. This will give you a “Client ID” and “Secret” for your newly created app integration
  6. Copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the spaces provided in your PayPal Settings area inside Back On Stage, and click “Connect Account” to finish the setup.
  7. Toggle ON PayPal master switch inside the PayPal Settings.

enable paypal

Viola! Your BOS account is now connect to your PayPal account, you will now be able to send and receive money automatically!

How to Pay Musicians Through Back On Stage?

If you have connected your PayPal account to your company, Back On Stage can automatically send payouts to your musicians, for any booking, at a time you specify.

You can enjoy the worry-free benefits of Autopay as long as:

  1. You “enable Autopay” in Company Settings >> Details
  2. enable autopay

  3. Visit each booking and tick the checkboxes beside each musician you want to Auto Pay.
  4. autopay pay button

  5. Your musicians have their own PayPal accounts (It’s FREE)

Of course, you can also pay them manually by pressing the “Pay” or “Pay All” buttons in the Finance Tab. But... who has time for manual work anymore nowadays, right?

You can read more about how to pay musicians HERE.

How to get paid through Back On Stage?

If you want to enable Credit Card or PayPal payment options for your clients to submit invoice payments, follow these steps:

  1. “Enable PayPal” inside your Company Settings >> Details
  2. Select "Allow online payments with PayPal” when creating an invoice in the Booking Creator
  3. select payment methods

Want to read more? We have a lot more information on the topic of payments in the BOS Academy.

Wait, what about PayPal fees?

We have a lot of information on this topic HERE and HERE.

The bottom line is: Yes, there are transaction fees involve with outgoing and incoming transactions, BUT it’s a VERY small amount that you’d barely notice it at all.

That said, it’s also important to note that musicians DO NOT pay any fees whatsoever to RECEIVE your payouts. In BOS, if a bandleader pays a musician $200, the musician will receive $200. The transaction fees come out of the company PayPal account.


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