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How To Use the Lead Page

The Lead Page is your best friend when it comes to finding new businesses for your company, it serves to consolidate all your incoming new leads and becomes the first point of connection between your company and your client.

BOS lead page

The Lead Page keeps track of all your incoming inquiries, allowing you to connect with new leads in a timely fashion, and to filter out old inactive leads.

No more sifting through your entire calendar just to find out that you have been neglecting a particular lead for a few weeks: on the lead page you will find all the necessary information on each prospect to get the conversation going.

Upon selecting a lead on the Lead Page, you will be able to see their Event Info, Auto Follow Up progress and any past email exchanges between both parties. This is also where you can pause and restart the Auto Follow Up sequence.

Using the built-in Lead From and Auto Follow-up functions you will be able to easily capture leads, and turn inquires into money! :D

Lead Form

lead form

Capture all the basic detail of your new leads all at once by using this customizable Lead Form. Not only can you configure the information you’d like to find out from you client, we’ve build-in ways for you to easily deliver this Lead Form to your clients:

  • Share link
  • Embedding code

Share Link

Click on the “Share or Preview” Tab and you can see the Lead Form that you are working on by clicking on the link. You can customize the questionnaire to your liking here in the editor. Don’t worry if you have more questions to ask, you’ll get to send them a detailed client questionnaire in the booking creator later when this gig is confirmed. This Lead Form is meant to be the first point of contact to help you get a dialogue started.

edit lead form

Once you are happy with your Lead From template, you can simply copy this link and send it to your client via text or email, and when they submit this form, they are immediately connected to your company’s BOS database and their info can be accessed anytime on the Lead Pages.

But wait, we can do better! We've designed a function to saved you even more time! Instead of having to copy and paste the link and then press send, why not make your clients do ALL THE WORK! :D

Best Practices for Lead Form

Embed Code

We understand that not all musicians are master computer coders, so we’ve made it so that you don’t have to fiddle with the HTML code much to get your website connect to BOS.

embed form code

All you have to do is to copy the Embed Link in the Lead Form settings and paste it into your website’s coding, and you’re done! Now anyone will be able to access this form via your website.

embed form

Auto Follow-up

Follow-up email is an indispensable part of client care.

As bandleaders it’s difficult to keep track of all the active AND inactive leads that come our way throughout the year. While active leads require our constant attention, leads that are unresponsive sometime fall out of our radar simply because there's so much going on in our world. On the other hand, unresponsive leads may just need that extra reminder to become active again.

It goes without saying that it’s important to design a strategic email sequence to keep the conversation going with any new prospects.

This is why we’ve designed the Auto Follow-up function to make BOS keep track of leads for you, and help you create a great impression by sending a follow-up email sequence right away.

In the “Lead Form & Auto Follow-Up Settings”, you can create as many auto replies and follow-up emails as you like and set a follow-up timer so that you are always on top of your game.

If you would like to know more about the Lead Page or how to Capture Leads and Convert Bookings, please visit the BOS academy for more step-by-step tutorials.

Best Practices for Auto Follow-Up Email

Yay, congratulations, you just got a new lead.

Here’s what you should do right away:

Create a New Booking

Create a booking for this event with a “In Negotiation” status. This way, the event will alway be trackable in your system, it will also appear in your calendar and notifications on the dashboard, and could be easily searchable in the search bar.

To create a booking from the Leads Page, you just have to click on the lead's name and then click "create booking" at the bottom of the next page.

create booking

click here to create booking

When your new lead hits the “submit” button on the Lead Form, Back On Stage would automatically start up your email follow-up sequence by sending them your initial email in the auto-response. Therefore it’s important to carefully design your initial greeting so that it can guarantee a response from the new lead.

Composing Your Initial Auto Response Email

First impression is half the game. This is the first time you get to say hi to your client, make it count! Here's how to make a simple but killer first email that will give you exactly what you need to keep talk.

We like our initial email to contain:

  1. A hook
  2. A welcome message
  3. What my company sells
  4. A sales pitch/call to action
  5. A link to demo

Try not to be too wordy though as you don’t want to turn them off with a 2000 word essay to read. But if you do it right, you should have plenty of chances to make a sales pitch later on in the game. And make sure you include some samples of your “product” (i.e. links, pdf, or videos) so they can get a taste of what’s in store for them.

MAKE IT SOUND PERSONAL! Although nowadays people generally take it for granted that these emails are “computerized automatic responses”, it’s still important to consider wordings and the timing of delays because we don’t want it to sound like just another spam email. You can use the Tokens here to make sure you’re always calling new leads by their first names.

Here's what ours look like

sample initial email

Oh, don’t forget to set an email timer when you are done composing your initial greeting!

email timer

Set an Auto Follow-Up Timer

From the experience of running event bands, we feel that the 3 - 3 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 7 model really works well for us.

It is a series of 6 emails sent with delays:

  1. the first email sent 3 minutes after customer submits Lead Form
  2. the next one in 3 days
  3. then another one 3 days later
  4. followed by a 5 days delay and then
  5. two more spacing out 7 days each

The middle set of emails are usually short and simple friendly invitations to get back into conversations. Something along the lines of “Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while, are you still interest?” with an attached link to your demos would usually do the trick.

By the last two emails, we are pretty sure that this client is either not interested or your message just got lost in the sea of their emails. (or they don’t know how to open emails… haha) So we can try to have some fun with these emails in hopes of grabbing their attention.

Try to give it a creative title that stands out from what they usually get in the mailbox. We’ve managed to salvage the occasional unresponsive leads by giving it an eye catching subject line like “Oh no, did you get eaten by attack bunnies?”

Take a look at ours:

attack bunnies

IMPORTANT: The auto email sequence will PAUSE once the prospect replies or if you pause it manually from any lead page. Don’t worry, if your lead becomes inactive again, you can switch this on at anytime.

Capturing leads is always one of my favorite part of the business as it requries so much patience and creativities. To say the least, it is no easy task because of all the information and personnel you have to keep track of. Fortunately BOS is here to help make it easier by automating the bulk of the leg work!

In a hurry? Here's the short version.

  1. Create Lead Form
  2. Send link to new leads via text or email
  3. Put Embedding Code onto your website
  4. Set up Auto Follow-Up sequence


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